Durrës–Tiranë railway

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Durrës–Kashar railway (since 2015)
Albanian Railways T-669 Locomotive.JPG
Train in Kashar station serving Tirana, May 2015
TypeCommuter rail
Tiranë (Kashar as of May 2015)
Stations6 (3 in use)
Opened27 January 1949
Line length38 km (23.61 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Operating speed41 mph (66 km/h)
Route map
0.0 Durrës
from Durrës Port
to Vlorë
32.2 Vorë
Line to Shkodër
42.2 Tirana

The Durrës–Tiranë railway was a 38 km railway line which joined the two biggest cities in Albania: Durrës and Tirana. The line connects to the Shkodër–Vorë railway halfway in Vorë, and to the Durrës-Vlorë railway in Durrës. As of September 2013, the line became defunct as the Tirana Station is being dismantled to make way for the lengthening of the Tirana main boulevard. As a result, the Tirana station was moved to Vore in 2013 and later to renovated Kashar station in May 2015. The current Kashar-Tiranë line was replaced with a bus service. The original line was built during 1948-1949 based exclusively on work of volunteers and was the second passenger railway in Albania after the Durrës-Peqin railway which had been completed a year earlier. It is operated by Hekurudha Shqiptare.


The railway was 38 km long connecting the two most important cities of Albania, Durrës and Tirana. It was built during 1948-1949 and was the second standard gauge passenger railway in Albania after that of Durrës-Peqin, which had started in 1940, and was completed in 1948.[1]

The works started from the Shkozet station (near Durrës) on April 11, 1948. Overall 29,000 young people of the Labour Youth Union of Albania and 1400 qualified technicians from all Albania participated to the building of the railway. In addition, young volunteers sent from the Youth sections of the Communist parties of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia participated in the construction. During the Albanian-Yugoslavian split in 1948 the Yugoslavian volunteers were accused of sabotage, especially the engineers. The works continued under the supervision of Soviet engineer Valeri Gaydarov. Rails were imported from the Soviet Union through the port of Durrës. The volunteering brigades had as a goal to finish the railway by the 31st anniversary of the Red Army, on 23 February 1949, and the goal was successfully achieved.[1]

Two of the most important works during construction were the Rrashbull Tunnel (212 m) and the Erzen Bridge (91 m long). The bridge was finished on October 16, 1948, the 40th birthday of then Prime Minister, Enver Hoxha. The tunnel was dug by the Bulgarian youth group Georgi Dimitrov, which was eventually given the Flag of the Brigades award (Albanian: Flamuri i Brigadave).[1] The brigade of the Albanian Police was instead awarded five times the Attacking Award (Albanian: Sulmues).[1] The inauguration was made by future would be Politburo member Spiro Koleka.[1]

2010 accident[edit]

An accident occurred on the railway on July 25, 2010. A police SUV was on the rail and the train could not avoid the collision with it. As a result the police car was pushed for a certain distance until the train went to a complete stop. Not only were the three Albanian policemen not injured, but they also went to argue with the machinist to accuse him that he had to stop earlier and pay more attention.[2]


Tirana station upgrade[edit]

Tirana rail station is being upgraded and moved from its original position. It is believed that the planned multi-modal station at Kamez Overpass will accommodate the defunct station, enabling additional trains to terminate there instead of its current position. The new station will also improve the terminating capacity of passengers. In 2015, some rail stations including Kashar, and rolling stock along the Durres-Tirane line are being upgraded and the latter coloured red and white. In October 2016 they will start building a new Railway with the cost of 81,5 million Euros. And it is expected that it will be used around 1,4 million times a year.[1]


Station Image Opened Additional information
Durrës 1949
Sukth Summer only
Vorë 1949 served as temporary Tirana station until May 2015
Kashar re-opened May 2015
Kamëz defunct as of Sep 2013
Tirana 27 January 1949 defunct as of Sep 2013


During tourist season, an extra train engine was used to ensure a good connection between Tirana and Durrës.

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