Durrës Rail Station

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Durrës Rail Station
Commuter rail
Kopfbahnhof, Durres, Albanien.jpg
Durrës station
Coordinates 41°19′04″N 19°27′18″E / 41.3179°N 19.455°E / 41.3179; 19.455Coordinates: 41°19′04″N 19°27′18″E / 41.3179°N 19.455°E / 41.3179; 19.455
Line(s) Durrës–Tiranë railway
Connections Bus, Taxi
Opened 1949

Durrës Rail Station is the main railway station in Durrës, Albania. The rail station is connected to other cities in Albania including Vlorë and the capital Tirana.[1]

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