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Sir Durward Knowles
Personal information
Full name Durward Randolph Knowles
Nationality  Bahamas
Born (1917-11-02)2 November 1917
Nassau, Bahamas
Died 24 February 2018(2018-02-24) (aged 100)
Nassau, Bahamas
Sailing career
Class(es) Star

Sir Durward Randolph Knowles (2 November 1917 – 24 February 2018) was a sailor and Olympic champion from the Bahamas. He won the gold medal in the Star class at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, together with Cecil Cooke.[1][2] He won the bronze medal in the same class at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne.[3] He had previously competed for the United Kingdom in the 1948 Olympics finishing in 4th place in the Star class together with Sloane Elmo Farrington. Representing the Bahamas, Knowles also won gold in the 1959 Pan American Games star class (with Farrington).

He is one of only four athletes who have competed in the Olympics over a span of 40 years, along with fencer Ivan Joseph Martin Osiier, sailor Magnus Konow, and sailor Paul Elvstrøm.[4]

Knowles was knighted in 1996.[5] In 1997, he was awarded The Bahamas' Order of Merit.[6] In 2014, the second Legend-class patrol boat of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force was commissioned as HMBS Durward Knowles. In May 2016, following the death of Sándor Tarics, he became the oldest living Olympic champion.[7] He turned 100 in November 2017[8] and died on 24 February 2018.[9][10]

He was the stepbrother of Percy Knowles.

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