Dushman Zamana

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Dushman Zamana
दुश्मन जमाना
Promotional Poster
Directed by Jagdish A. Sharma
Produced by Vijay Sharma
Starring Divya Bharti
Armaan Kohli
Paresh Rawal
Kiran Kumar
Release date
2 October 1992
Country India
Language Hindi

Dushman Zamana is a 1992 Indian action film directed by Jagdish A. Sharma. It's starring Divya Bharti and Armaan Kohli in the leading roles.[1]


Seema (Divya Bharti) is a dreamy young college student born into a wealthy family. Her father (Paresh Rawal) is a successful business man and unlike Seema, very money-minded. Seema's schoolmate Vijay (Armaan Kohli) is a poor orphan who does very well in his studies to someday be able to afford a better life. Unaware of the consequences, Seema soon falls in love with Vijay and they both become a couple, while keeping it a secret. In class, Seema dreamily writes Vijay's name on a sheet of paper which then later gets discovered by her father. He finds out about Vijay's poor background and opposes the relationship between his daughter and Vijay. When asked about her preference to whether stay with her father and keep living a wealthy lifestyle or stay with Vijay and live the life of a poor woman, Seema chooses Vijay out of love. Her father sees himself forced to get his daughter back in another way by hiring a criminal (Kiran Kumar) to frame Vijay for murder.



Dushman Zamana was one of the hit album of 1992. The song Mausam Pyaara Bheega Bheega was a big hit. Music was given by Kishore Sharma & Mahesh Sharma.