Dushu Lake

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Dushu Lake
LocationSuzhou, Jiangsu
Coordinates31°16′23″N 120°42′00″E / 31.273°N 120.700°E / 31.273; 120.700Coordinates: 31°16′23″N 120°42′00″E / 31.273°N 120.700°E / 31.273; 120.700
Lake typeFresh water lake
Basin countries China
Surface area11.52 km2 (4.45 sq mi)

Dushu Lake (Chinese: 独墅湖) is a fresh water lake located in southern part of Suzhou Industrial Park, with an area of about 11.52 square kilometers. Since 2000s, Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town was gradually formed on the east bank.[1] Dushu Lake Tunnel goes through it.[2] Dushu Lake is connected to the Jinji Lake by two waterways, and connects the Wusong River via Huodi Pond to the Grand Canal. Its North bank is the location of the Kempinski Hotel Suzhou.

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