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LaunchedApril, 2009
Owned by2GrapesMedia
Broadcast areaNational
Ziggo (Netherlands)Channel 795
CAIWAY (Netherlands)Channel 148
ANVIA (Finland)TV-Mix
Cablenet (Cyprus)Women’s Premium TV
Elion Enterprises Limited (Estland)Täiskasvanute pakett
ANTIK telecom (Slovakia)Erotické
KPN (Netherlands)Channel 652
Channel 653

Dusk is a monthly subscription television channel. Established in 2009, Dusk is the only adult TV channel in the world aimed at a female audience. Demand for female-oriented adult films, porna or women's erotica has been increasing for many years and is becoming increasingly accepted. Dusk operates believing women have their own fantasies and needs and therefore require a different kind of adult films. By questioning its female users via an online panel, Dusk has become an expert in this area. Dusk is available in The Netherlands on the platforms of Ziggo, UPC Netherlands, CAIW and KPN and broadcasts 24/7. The channel is owned by 2GrapesMedia.


Dusk offers a mix of mainly adult films and scenes, from all over the world and from a female point of view, and adult films in the genre of feminist pornography. The information provided by the online panel is the main guideline for selection, enabling to stay up to date with tastes, opinions and likes and dislikes regarding adult content for women. Content rejected by the panel is not broadcast. This method of selecting films has resulted in a new genre within the adult entertainment industry: porna.[1][2][3][4][5]

Directors and films[edit]

The TV channel schedules films by female porn directors including Candida Royalle, Petra Joy, Nica Noelle, Erika Lust, Madison Young, Anna Span, Ovidie, Stormy Daniels, and Maria Beatty. Some of these directors make feminist pornography or pornography targeted at a female audience, while others cater to couples.

The channel also broadcasts short films by Swedish filmmaker Mia Engberg, who, along with twelve other directors, produced a collection of feminist pornographic short films entitled Dirty Diaries, as well as films by Puzzy Power, a Danish film company established in 1997 as a subsidiary to Lars von Trier's company Zentropa with the goal of producing pornographic films for women. The Dusk schedule includes a French television series of erotic short films called X Femmes, made by female directors with the aim of producing erotica from a female point of view.

Research on porn for women[edit]

An all-female panel started in 2010. This panel now consists of roughly 2000 women and it is still growing. The women in the panel regularly view fragments from all kinds of adult films including both hard-core mainstream films and films made from a female point of view. After watching a fragment, the women are asked to fill out a survey, rating and reviewing the fragment. Before Dusk reaches a conclusion about a film, it has to have been viewed and rated a hundred times. The results of the panel are published on the website on a regular basis.


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