Dusky toadlet

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Dusky Toadlet
Uperoleia fusca.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Myobatrachidae
Genus: Uperoleia
Species: U. fusca
Binomial name
Uperoleia fusca
Davies, McDonald and Corben, 1986
Uperoleia fusca distrib.png
Range of the Dusky Toadlet

The Dusky Toadlet (Uperoleia fusca) is a species of Australian ground-dwelling frog that inhabits coastal areas from just north of Sydney, New South Wales to mid-northern Queensland.


The orange leg patch of the Dusky Toadlet

The Dusky Toadlet reaches 30mm in length. It can be dark brown or grey brown with lighter brown variegations or uniform dark brown on the dorsal surface, which is slightly rough and warty. There is normally a pale triangle shape on the head, starting from the eyes. There is a pale yellow patch in the armpit. It has moderate sized parotoid glands. The ventral surface is white with a fair amount of dark blue/black speckling. There is an orange patch in the thighs. The flanks of this species is normally bluish in colour, giving it a dusky appearance. This species is very similar to the Smooth Toadlet, (Uperoleia laevigata) and differences between the two are discussed on that page.

Ecology and behaviour[edit]

This species inhabits coastal forest, bushland, heathland and wet or dry sclerophyll forest. Frogs call during spring and summer, normally from dams, swamps, roadside ditches or flooded grassland areas. The call of this species is similar to other Uperoleia species, as it is a "arrk" noise. Males call from the bases of grass clumps close to the waters edge.


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