Dust La Rock

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Dust La Rock
Dust La Rock in SoHo after his Kid Robot toy signing on July 1st, 2009
Born Joshua Prince
December 9, 1976
Brooklyn, New York
Died February 2, 2015
Known for Illustration, Graphic design

Joshua Prince (December 9, 1976 – February 2, 2015) in Newport Beach, California), professionally known as Dust La Rock, was a New York-based artist and designer. "He is co-founder of and creative director for Fool’s Gold Records, serves as art director for A-Trak, and has his hand in a number of low-brow and high-profile projects at any given time."[1] Before his death, he lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York. Prince died on February 2, 2015. (See Rolling Stone)


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