Dustie Waring

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Dustie Waring
Birth name Dustin Robert Waring
Born January 31, 1985
Genres metalcore, thrash metal, technical death metal, death metal, deathcore, Progressive metal
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts Between the Buried and Me, Glass Casket

Dustie "Dustball" Waring is the rhythm guitarist for the American heavy metal band Between the Buried and Me. He joined in early 2005 after replacing former guitarist Nick Fletcher. He contributes the lead parts in select songs off studio albums Alaska, The Anatomy Of and Colors. Heavily influenced by bands such as Pantera, Cannibal Corpse, and Dream Theater, Dustie Waring is a self-taught guitar player, mainly learning off instructional videos and by ear.[citation needed] He also is the guitar player for the deathcore band, Glass Casket.


  • PRS Dustie Waring Signature loaded with Signature seymour duncan
  • PRS private stock 7 string loaded with Custom seymour duncan
  • PRS Custom 22/12 12 string
  • PRS Custom 24
  • PRS private stock Singlecut loaded with Signature seymour duncan
  • PRS S2 Vela
  • PRS SE Custom (currently using)
  • PRS SE Torero (currently using) - Upgraded by the PRS Maryland custom shop. Fret work and electronics all upgraded.
  • PRS Angelus Acoustic
  • Mayones Regius 6 Custom built model
  • Ibanez S1625FB w/ EMG 85/81 (used to record Alaska)
  • Ibanez S520EX w/ EMG 85/81
  • Ibanez FGM100 w/ EMG 85/81
  • Jackson JS20 Dinky (used in Glass Casket)


  • Fractal Audio AxeFX II xl (Seen on the 2010 Cool Tour) (currently using)
  • Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:Ninety (currently using)
  • PRS Archon amp (currently using)
  • Port City Amps Two 2x12 OS Port City Wave cabs with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Veteran 30 speakers.[1] (currently using)
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster (currently using on some tours)
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 'Rackmount' (currently using on some tours)
  • Peavey 5150 (used in Glass Casket)
  • Orange Thunderverb 200 (used to record Colors)
  • Orange 412HP (used to record Colors and used in live rig)