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Dustin "Dusty" Rhodes (born in Oklahoma), is an award-winning author.

In his childhood, Rhodes commonly read Western novels. After retirement, he began writing new stories based on those old books from memory. His first book Man Hunter was named The Best Western E-book of 2002.[1]


Dusty Rhodes was born in a former Indian Reservation in Eastern Oklahoma, within horseback distance of Fort Smith, Arkansas.[2] Some of the trails he rode were shared by the James-Younger Gang, Dalton Gang and Belle Starr, which eventually influenced his writing.

Rhodes wrote hundreds of poems, songs, and short stories during his career, composing his first novel in 1999.


  1. Man Hunter
  2. Shiloh
  3. Jedidiah Boone
  4. Shooter
  5. Death Rides a Pale Horse
  6. Vengeance Is Mine
  7. Longhorn Book I
  8. Longhorn Book II
  9. Longhorn Book III
  10. Longhorn Book IV
  11. Shawgo-Texas Ranger
  12. Chero
  13. The Town Tamer


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