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Dutch FilmWorks is a Dutch film distributor founded in 1998,[1] based in Utrecht, the Netherlands,[1][2] focusing on Benelux rights[3] mainly to release films theatrically, on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD.[4] They are also a publisher and distributor of books and magazines.[1]

They have recently released several TV series in the CBS library on DVD, under license from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Pictures.


Dutch Filmworks purchases film licenses and releases these in the Benelux, and has a distribution library of over 2,500 titles.[1] Large titles distributed by Dutch FilmWorks include Exorcist: The Prequel,[5] The Grudge, the Ice Age franchise, The Aviator, Unleashed, The Final Cut and Saw, as well as Dutch products such as the television series Westenwind and the film 06/05.[6]

'The House of Knowledge' is a separate branch of the business that distributes documentaries, including those from Discovery Channel.



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