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Oscar "Dutch" Voight
Born Oscar Ernest Voigt
November 18, 1888
Brenham, Texas
Died May 15, 1986
Citizenship USA
Known for Mobster, Gang leader
Successor Sam Maceo and Rosario Maceo
Partner(s) Ollie Quinn

Oscar Ernest "Dutch" Voight was a German American gang leader in Galveston, Texas in the United States during the early 1900s. Voight was called Dutch for Deutsch meaning German. He, with Ollie Quinn, led the Beach Gang, one of the two gangs which controlled most of the Galveston underworld until the mid-1920s. As the Prohibition era began his gang came to be one of the dominant forces in the Galveston liquor trade.

Voight ushered in the modern era of gambling on the island by establishing organized poker games in 1910.[1] He and Quinn soon ran games all over the city.

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