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Below is list of Dutch language exonyms for places in non-Dutch-speaking areas of Europe

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Belgium (België)[edit]

France (Frankrijk)[edit]

Germany (Duitsland)[edit]

List of Dutch exonyms for places in Europe and the Middle East[edit]

Armenia (Armenië)[edit]

Austria (Oostenrijk)[edit]

Azerbaijan (Azerbeidzjan)[edit]

Czech Republic (Tsjechië or Tsjechische Republiek)[edit]

Denmark (Denemarken)[edit]

Egypt (Egypte)[edit]


France (Frankrijk)[edit]

Germany (Duitsland)[edit]

Greece (Griekenland)[edit]

Hungary (Hongarije)[edit]

Israel (Israël)[edit]

Italy (Italië)[edit]

Lebanon (Libanon)[edit]

Lithuania (Litouwen)[edit]

Norway (Noorwegen)[edit]

Poland (Polen)[edit]


Romania (Roemenië)[edit]

Russia (Rusland)[edit]

The large number of Dutch exonyms for Russian places is a result of transliteration of the Cyrilic alphabet.

Serbia (Servië)[edit]

Spain (Spanje)[edit]

Sweden (Zweden)[edit]

Switzerland (Zwitserland)[edit]

Turkey (Turkije)[edit]

Note that most of these exonyms for Turkish towns and cities, as in nearly every other European language, are no longer used,[citation needed] except historically, following the Turkish Postal Law of 1930.

Ukraine (Oekraïne)[edit]

Like in Russia, most Dutch exonyms for Ukrainian places are a result of transliteration of the Cyrillic alphabet.

United Kingdom (Verenigd Koninkrijk)[edit]

Note that these exonyms of the UK, except for Engeland, Schotland, Het Kanaal, Kanaaleilanden, Nauw van Calais, Hebriden, Londen, Theems and Noord-Ierland, are very rare.

List of Dutch exonyms for places in South America[edit]

Argentina (Argentinië)/Chile (Chili)[edit]

List of Dutch exonyms for places in North America[edit]

Toponymy of New Netherland


Delaware (Zwaanendael/Swanendael)[edit]

(note: the small colony of Zwaanendael was completely destroyed by a Unami reprisal attack in 1631 or 1632. Lewes, Delaware is found on this site today, though it was refounded by the English only in the 1680's. A Dutch map from 1639 appears to use term "Swanendael" for the entire unsettled western coast of the lower Delaware Bay, roughly the modern state of Delaware.)

New York State (Nieuw-Nederland/Nieuw België)[edit]

(Note: Dutch maps tended to use both Nieuw-Nederland and Nova Belgica for the area north of New Amsterdam, but generally only the former term for what is now northern New Jersey)

Boroughs and Neighborhoods

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