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Dwarf snakeheads is term coined by aquarists to describe a group of snakehead fishes growing only 10 inches (25 cm) maximum.

The following snakeheads belong to this group:

In addition to those scientifically described snakeheads, several other undescribed snakeheads belong to this group. Those are (with trade names)

  • Channa species five-stripe
  • Channa species lal-cheng, also known as blue bleheri and Channa spec. Assam
  • Channa species true-blue, also known as Channa species galaxy-blue

Besides their commonality of being of small size, two other features characterize this group more specifically.

  • Zoogeographically, they belong to the Indian ichthyofauna
  • This species are all but one mouthbrooders. Channa bleheri is the only nestbrooding species of this group.

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