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Dwarfstar Games was a division of Heritage Models that published microgame-sized fantasy and science fiction board wargames in the early 1980s. They typically came with 12"x14" fold-out cardstock mapboards and 154 thin die-cut counters. The demise of its parent company also meant the end for Dwarfstar.

Game Designer Date
Barbarian Prince Arnold Hendrick 1981
Demonlord Arnold Hendrick 1981
Outpost Gamma Howard Barasch 1981
Star Viking Arnold Hendrick 1981
Dragon Rage Lewis Pulsipher 1982
Goblin Howard Barasch 1982
Grav Armor Arnold Hendrick 1982
Star Smuggler B. Dennis Sustare 1982

Dragon Rage was reissued in a much larger format, with an additional board and scenarios, by Flatlined Games (Belgium) in 2011.

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