Dwarves Deep

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Dwarves Deep
Dwarves Deep.png
Rules requiredAD&D 2nd Edition
Campaign settingForgotten Realms
AuthorsEd Greenwood
First published1990
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Dwarves Deep is an accessory for the fictional Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the second edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. The book, with product code TSR 9300, was published in 1990, and was written by Ed Greenwood, with cover art by Brom and interior art by Andy Price.


The 64-page booklet is wrapped in a removable gatefold cover. The book includes a one-page introduction by Ed Greenwood, where he explains that this book details the dwarves and dwarven society of the Realms. Pages 3–5 detail what it is to be a dwarf, including dwarven character, everyday beliefs, dwarven manners, customs, dwarven nature, the doom of the dwarves (low birthrate), festivals and moots, professions, what it means to be a handsome dwarf (hirsute), and the metals most marvellous admired by dwarves. Page 6 details how love and marriage work between dwarves, including courting, marriage, having children, and halfbloods (with humans, gnomes, and halflings). Pages 7–8 detail the various dwarven races of the Realms, including the Shield (or Northern) Dwarves, the Gold (or Southern) Dwarves, the Gray Dwarves, and Wild Dwarves (who receive full stats on page 9). Page 10 details dwarven craft and feats of dwarven engineering. Pages 11–12 describe the dwarven language, including runestones, and dwarven words and names. Page 13 details dwarven clans, including clan organization, clan law, clan professions, and the known clans of dwarves. Page 14 discusses dwarven brotherhoods, their term for adventuring bands. Pages 15–26 present the gods of the dwarves, including new deities Sharindlar, Marthammor Duin, Gorm Gulthyn, Haela Brightaxe, and Thard Harr. Pages 27–36 give details on the priests of the dwarves and the clergy of each deity. Pages 37–42 present dwarven magic spells while pages 43–45 dwarven magic items. Pages 46–47 detail the Great Rift, which has been ruled by the dwarves for centuries. Pages 48–50 details "the Deeps", a vast underground region; page 51 contains statistics for the deepspawn monster. Pages 52–60 reveal the Lost Kingdoms of long ago dwarves. Pages 61–62 detail dwarves in the Sword Coast North in the modern time of the Forgotten Realms. Pages 63–64 presents "current clack", a collection of tidbits of useful information that adventure scenarios could be based on.

This book also includes a fold-out color poster subterranean map of the Deep Realm showing the areas and levels ruled by the dwarves. The inside front cover contains an explanation of dwarven names, while the inside back cover contains a number of tables with sample dwarven names. The inside gatefold cover contains an illustration of a typical dwarven runestone while the outside gatefold cover presents the full Dethek language runic alphabet.

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