Dweeb (band)

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Origin Coventry, UK
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2002–2011
Labels Risen Records, Fierce! Distribution
Website dweebmusic.co.uk
Members Tim Alford
Gaz 'The Badgerman' Hutchinson
Matt Donald
Dave Ashworth
Past members Andy Balls [1]

Dweeb was an indie band from Coventry in the United Kingdom. Band members were Tim Alford (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Gaz 'The Badgerman' Hutchinson (lead guitar and backing vocals), Matt Donald (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Dave Ashworth (drums). They founded in 2002 and started gigging in 2003.

They are a separate entity from the London three-piece also called Dweeb (who split in 1999).

On 4 May 2011, it was announced that [dweeb] would be splitting up, ending a nine-year stint of touring and recording. The band will embark on one final tour, named "The Collision Tour" which will be accompanied by a new single, "My New Hero" and a limited edition EP.[2] Their final performance was a sold-out show at Nexus Trust, Coventry on 2 September 2011.


It Came From Outer Space! contained the band's first single, "Beginning Is Only the Beginning", released as a download. A music video for the song "Identity Is Not a State of Mind" was released on their Facebook group page.


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