Dwight Correctional Center

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Dwight Correctional Center
Location 23813 E. 3200 North Road 3
Nevada Township, Livingston County, Illinois
Status closed
Opened 1930
Closed 2013
Managed by Illinois Department of Corrections

Dwight Correctional Center was an Illinois Department of Corrections maximum security prison for adult females. It is located at 23813 E. 3200 North Road in Nevada Township, unincorporated Livingston County, Illinois, near Dwight.[1][2] Prior to the 2011 abolition of the state death penalty,[3] Dwight Correctional Center housed the State of Illinois female death row.[4]


The prison was originally opened on November 24, 1930 as the Oakdale Reformatory for Women. It sits on 100 acres (0.40 km2) of land. The facility was closed at the end of March 2013. Inmates were combined with the female inmates from the Lincoln Correctional Center and moved into a former men's facility, the Logan Correctional Center, located in Lincoln, IL.[5]



Helping Paws Program[edit]

The Helping Paws program, which began at Dwight Correctional Center in 2000, is a service dog training program in partnership with MidAmerica Service Dogs' Foundation. The program teaches life and job skills to the offenders as they live and work with the dogs 24 hours a day. The program also ran a grooming program that serviced both staff and community dogs. The service dog training program was moved to Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, IL when Dwight closed in March 2013. The program continues to train service dogs with MidAmerica Service Dogs' Foundation as well as Paws Giving Independence and has recently added a new training program for dogs from shelters in the local area.

Correctional Industry Program[edit]

The garment shop provided sewn items to male and female offenders throughout the state including blue and black pants, blue shirts, pajamas and dusters.

Day Camp[edit]

This program was originally known as weekend Camp Celebration program,[7] which was a one-day camp out for mother (inmate) and child (16 years of age and younger) bonding. The camping took place at the institution

Vocational Programs[edit]

This program provided relevant job skills to inmates for use upon release to lessen the chance of recidivism.

Lake Land College[edit]

The college provided computer technology and business management courses to equip inmates with the skills needed to obtain a job in data processing and the office environment. There was also a commercial cooking program, which prepared offenders for jobs in the restaurant or food service industry. Additionally, two dog programs taught inmates the skills to be able to groom dogs and provide service dog training.


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