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Dwight Willard Taylor
Born 1932
Died 2006
Nationality United States
Fields malacology, paleontology

Dwight Willard Taylor (1932–2006)[1] was an American malacologist and paleontologist, a researcher on mollusks. His undergraduate work was at the University of California, Berkeley and his PhD was from Harvard University.

He was instrumental in the creation of the malacological journal, Malacologia.


Taylor named and described 132[2] new taxa of gastropods, mostly freshwater snails in the families Hydrobiidae and Physidae,[2] including:

A number of taxa of non-marine mollusca were named in honor of him, including:

  • The freshwater snail genus Taylorconcha Hershler et al., 1994, in the Hydrobiidae.


Publications by Dwight Willard Taylor include:[2]

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