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Dy Saveth
Born 1944 (age 72–73)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Years active 1962-1975, 1993-
Spouse(s) Huoy Keng (divorced)

Dy Saveth (born 1944) is a Cambodian actress and first Miss Cambodia (1959). She was featured in many films throughout the 1960s and 1970s until the communist takeover in 1975, and later from 1993 to present. She married Huoy Keng, an actor, producer and film director, during the 1970s. Just as Van Vanak ran his own production company, Huoy Keng and Dy Saveth jointly ran Sovann Kiry. After the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975, Dy Saveth and Huoy Keng escaped to France together and later moved to Hong Kong. There they separated while Keng continued his film business and became one of Hong Kong's first millionaires.

She returned to Cambodia in 1993 and resumed acting.

In 2011, she appeared in the documentary Golden Slumbers by filmmaker Davy Chou.

In 2012, she made her stage debut in the play Cambodia, Here I Am[1] by Jean-Baptiste Phou.


Dy Saveth has starred in over 100 Cambodian films, most of which were lost due to the Khmer Rouge era, including:

Year Movie Role Other notes
1962 Kboun Chivit (Raft Life)
1963 Onlong Veasna
1964 Kathreuy Moha Sronoh
1965 Veasna Akosol Present Existence
Sayon Touch Yum
Loloke Nhee Chmole
L'oiseau Du Paradis Khmer-French joint film
1966 Kyong Sangselajey
Neang Keo Nama Thida Muk Seh Keo Nama
Ka ek Prot Bongkong (
Katreuy Moha Sronoh (
1967 Pao Chouk Sao Present Existence
Neang Vimean Chan
Neang Keo Nama The film was directed by Dy Saveth herself. There are 2 versions of Neang Keo Nama released before the Khmer Rouge.
Ombre Sur Angkor(Chaya Leu Angkor) 1st wife of general Mcholpich
Teuk Pneik Leu Knong Phnom (
1968 Unlucky Life (Khmer/French film:1968)Present Existence
Love and War (Khmer/French film:1968)Present Existence
Sa'ek Oun Lea Bong Heuy (
Kraitoung Neng Kropeu Charavan (
1969 Crepuscule (Twilight), directed by and starring Norodom Sihanouk and Huoy Keng Neang Sopheap (Khmer/French film:1969) Present Existence
Sdach Domrei Saw(King of the White Elephant)
Lea Heuy Duong Dara (Khmer/French film:1969)Present Existence
Sayon Koma, Neang Preah,Neang Teptida (
Chompa Thoung Present Existence
1970 The Snake King's Wife (The Python) This film won 6 awards in Singapore International Film Festival
Loloke Nhee Chmole
Sayon Touche Yuom
Sdach Domrei Saw
Botra Preah Athtih Psong Cheam Mday
1971 Neang Lvea Chake
Velveng Na Bong Rumchong Present Existence
Kolap Pailin
Srey Krop Leak
Sa'ek Oun Lea Bong Heuy'
1972 'Chivit Tmey'
Bopha Angkor
Mak Teung
Preah Song Mdai
Vongveng Pruos Snae(Confused Because of Love)
Pnhau Kong Chong Dai
Tuk Pneik Leu Knong Phnom(Tears On The Back of a Mountain)'
1973 Chivit Psong Praeng(Khmer/Thai film:1973) Soundtrack in both Khmer and Thai. Duet by Sinn Si Samouth and Dy Saveth herself in both languages. Present Existence
Ok Pruot Tronum Present Existence
Dao Dek 32
Ka'ek Pruot Bongkong
Tngai Lich Oun Sronoh(When The Sun Sets I Miss You)
Thida Sak Pos (Snake Hair)
Pous Keng Kong 2 Soriya (Khmer/Thai film:1973) The Sequence to The Snake King of 1972 which won 6 awards at the Singapore International Film Festival. The film includes 2 versions(A male and female)of the songs "Soriya Psong Snae" by Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Serey Sothear
Sa'op Nass Srolanh Nass(I Hate You I Love You)
Onlong Veasna
1974 Crocodile Man
Pnhnau Kong Chong Dai
Pros Aprey Srey Rong Kam
Bopha Tol Den
Chompa Battambang
Snake Girl (Teeda Sok Puos)
1975 Snake Girl In Drop (Khmer/Chinese film:1975)
Blood Boxing Girl (Khmer/Chinese film:1975)
Tngai Lich Oun Sronoh
1983 Crocodile Men (Khmer/Chinese film:1983)
2002 Neak Mdai Dy Saveth portrays herself as a mother through her own experience.
2003 Min Yoke Te Pdey Jass Saóp Nass Pdei Kmeng(I Don't Want an Old Husband but I Hate Young Husbands)
2004 Att Bey(3 Ace)
2005 The Crocodile
2006 Soriya Lngeach Tngai
2008 Keo Pnake Somnop Jet
2012 I Am Super Student
2014 The Last Reel Dy Saveth's character is Srey Mom/Sothea. The film won The Spirit of Asia Award at the 2014 Tokyo Film Festival.



Year Play Role Other notes
2012 Cambodia, here I am Metha

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