Dybbuk (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Suicide Squad (vol. 1) #45 (September 1990)
Created by John Ostrander; Kim Yale (writer)
Geof Isherwood (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego "Lenny"
Team affiliations Hayoth
Abilities Controls any computer-based technology

Dybbuk is a fictional character from DC Comics. He was created by John Ostrander, Kim Yale and Geof Isherwood, and first appeared in Suicide Squad (vol. 1) #45, in September 1990.[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Dybbuk is an artificial intelligence that was created by Israeli scientists to serve as a member of that nation's native team of superheroes, Hayoth. Dybbuk had the ability to control any computer or machine that was run by a computer. Through a series of philosophical discussions about the nature of good and evil, Dybbuk was tricked by the supervillain Kobra into a scheme that very nearly sparked a holy war between Jews and Muslims, after which he and the remainder of Hayoth were apprehended by the American covert operations team, the Suicide Squad. Kobra's "corrupting" influence was undone by Hayoth team member Ramban, who discussed choice and morality with Dybbuk.[2]

In the aftermath, Dybbuk developed a more human identity as "Lenny", and pledged to assist Amanda Waller in reprogramming the digital entity and former Suicide Squad team member Mindboggler, who had taken on a new identity as "Ifrit", a violent Jihadist. Ultimately, Dybbuk and Ifrit fell in love with one another and got married.[2] Presumably, the couple continues to serve the United States government under the aegis of Task Force X.[1]


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