Dyer State Wayside

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Dyer State Wayside
Oregon State Park
Dyer state wayside.jpg
Dyer State Wayside
Name origin: J.W. Dyer, land donor
Country United States
State Oregon
District Gilliam County
Elevation 2,438 ft (743 m)
Coordinates 45°07′28″N 120°11′13″W / 45.12444°N 120.18694°W / 45.12444; -120.18694Coordinates: 45°07′28″N 120°11′13″W / 45.12444°N 120.18694°W / 45.12444; -120.18694
Area 0.6 acres (0.2 ha)
Founded 1931; renovated 1997
Management Oregon Parks and Recreation Department; Dyer Partners (volunteers)
Easiest access Oregon Route 19
Location of Dyer State Wayside in Oregon

Dyer State Wayside, a rest stop with picnic tables and public toilets, lies about 10 miles (16 km) miles south of Condon, along Oregon Route 19.[1] Named for J.W. Dyer, who gave the land to the state in 1931, it occupies 0.6 acres (2,000 m2) in a narrow canyon along a branch of Thirty Mile Creek[1] at an elevation of 2,438 feet (743 m).[2]

In 1997, a group of volunteers called Dyer Partners renovated the park, which had become "an overgrown weed patch with rotting picnic tables".[3] They trimmed locust trees, built fences, repaired picnic tables, and planted fruit trees. The federal Bureau of Land Management donated two surplus toilets; the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department built vaults for the toilets and installed an irrigation system, and Gilliam County road crews made pathways and improved the parking lot.[3]

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