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Dyke (UK) or dike (US) may refer to:

General uses[edit]


  • Dyke (embankment) or dike, a natural or artificial slope or wall to regulate water levels, often called a levee in American English
  • Ditch, a water-filled drainage trench
  • A regional term for a dry stone wall





  • Car Dyke, a Roman boundary ditch in Eastern England
  • Devil's Dyke (disambiguation), one of several ancient embankments or ditches (or both)
  • Foss Dyke, a Roman canal in England linking the River Trent to the River Witham at Lincoln
  • Offa's Dyke, historic earthwork dividing Mercia and Wales
  • Wansdyke (earthwork), dividing Wessex from the lands south west of it
  • Wat's Dyke, An earthwork running through the northern Welsh Marches from Basingwerk Abbey to Maesbury

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