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1904 Dyke-Britton 20 h.p. Combination Car

Established in St.Louis in 1899 by A.L.Dyke (Andrew Lee Dyke), Dyke was the first American auto parts business. Dyke also sold early autos, kit car or assembled.[1] In addition to the Dyke name, the company also sold automobiles under the St. Louis (St. Louis Motor Company) and Dyke-Britton names.[2]


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Books by Andrew Lee Dyke[edit]

  • Diseases of a gasolene automobile and how to cure them(1903)
  • Dyke's Automobile Encyclopedia In 40 Parts Including a Dictionary, Index and 175 Charts Treating On Construction, Operation,
  • Repairing of Automobiles and Gasoline Engines(1912)
  • Text book for Dyke's home study course of automobile engineering(1919)
  • Dyke's aircraft engine instructor: Third-run with additions(1929)
  • Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia by A.L. Dyke and Illustrated,GOODHEART WILLCOX & CO, (1937, 1946)