Dylan Hicks

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Dylan Hicks
Dylan Hicks 01.jpg
Dylan Hicks, 2007
Background information
Origin Minneapolis
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, novelist, DJ
Website www.dylanhicks.com

Dylan Hicks (also sometimes known as the Governor of Fun)[1] is an American singer-songwriter and novelist from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Musical career[edit]

Hicks' first three albums were released on the No Alternative label.[2] He released a demo album entitled "Poughkeepsie" in 1998, which was described by Kristy Martin as "a sparkling demo of smart wordplay and pop sensibility."[3] He followed this up with the album "Alive With Pleasure" in 2001.[3] As a companion to his novel Boarded Windows, Hicks released an album entitled Sings Bolling Greene, which originated when Hicks started writing songs by Bolling Greene, one of the characters in the book.[4] In the book, Greene is a country musician. About half of the songs on Sings Bolling Greene are written from Greene's perspective, while the remaining ones are about Greene.[5]

Writing career[edit]

In 2012, Hicks' debut novel, Boarded Windows, was published by Coffee House Press. It is narrated by a nameless narrator,[6] and is set in Minneapolis in the 1990s.[4] He has also written for Citypages.[7]


Courtney Algo and Lit Lyfe wrote in the Twin Cities Daily Planet that "fans of Hicks and rapier-sharp prose will find a great delight in Boarded Windows."[8] A review in MinnPost described the book as "a vivid time capsule of those scruffier days of Twin Cities music fandom," referring to the 1990s.[4]


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