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Dylan Server Pages (DSP) is a template engine for providing dynamic web site content using the Dylan programming language. They are similar in spirit to JavaServer Pages, but without the ability to mix program logic and page content. All dynamic content is invoked via DSP tag calls such as <xx:show-current-username/>.

Currently, a DSP application is implemented as a Dylan project that uses the Koala HTTP server library. This effectively means that each DSP application has to run on a different Koala server and therefore on a different HTTP port.

DSP templates contain normal HTML and DSP tag calls. DSP tag calls generate the dynamic content of your web pages. DSP tags use standard XML syntax. There are several special tags—called "directives"—defined that couldn't easily have been defined by the user. DSP directives use the same syntax as other tags, but they use the special tag library name %dsp. For example, the include directive might look like this: <%dsp:include url="foo.dsp"/>.