Dylan Timmins

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Dylan Timmins
Neighbours character
Portrayed byDamien Bodie
First appearance3 February 2005
Last appearance30 March 2007
Introduced byRic Pellizzeri
ClassificationFormer; regular
  • Student at Erinsborough High
  • Personal assistant
  • Hot Dog seller
  • Co-manager of Lucinda's Cafe
  • Chef
HomePort Douglas

Dylan Kim Timmins is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Damien Bodie. He made his first appearance during the episode broadcast on 3 February 2005. Dylan is the older brother of Stingray, Janae and Bree Timmins. Dylan became the protégé of Paul Robinson. Brodie chose to the leave the show in 2006 and he made his last appearance on 30 March 2007.


Damien Bodie had previously made two appearances in Neighbours as Charlie Moyes in 1996 and Liam Rigby in 1999, before securing the role of Dylan Timmins in 2005.[1] Bodie did not think he would be cast as a series regular due to his looks, saying "Being pale and skinny, I never thought I'd be a long term Neighbours regular. I wasn't tanned or beachy. I thought that would never happen."[2]

In October 2006, it was announced that Bodie had decided to leave Neighbours.[3]


After arriving in Erinsborough, Dylan goes to the Community Hall and berates a man who was being cruel to a dog. Sky Mangel (Stephanie McIntosh) and Serena Bishop (Lara Sacher) witness this and are impressed. Dylan goes to Susan Kennedy's (Jackie Woodburne) house, where his brother Scott (Ben Nicholas) is living. Dylan tells Susan and Serena that he had just been released from juvenile detention. When Stingray returns home, he punches his brother. Dylan claims that he has been violent towards Stingray in the past and Susan convinces Stingray to give Dylan another chance. Susan invites Dylan to stay with her and gets him a place at Erinsborough High. On his first day, Dylan takes his car and convinces Serena and Stingray to take the morning off school. Stingray later tells Susan what they had done.

Dylan observes a local dog-catcher and releases all the dogs from his van. He tries this a second time, but is prevented by Stingray. However, when the dog-catcher catches Susan's dog Audrey, Dylan and Stingray break into the pound and release all the dogs. They narrowly escape being caught. When Susan finds out she tells him that they are on their final chance, though she is grateful to have Audrey back. Janelle Timmins (Nell Feeney) returns to Ramsey Street and Dylan moves in with her. Dylan admires Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) when he starts teaching a business class at Erinsborough High. Paul takes an interest in Dylan and gives him a job evicting squatters from houses owned by Paul. Dylan soon becomes Paul's right-hand man. Dylan and Stingray's sisters, Janae (Eliza Taylor-Cotter) and Bree (Sianoa Smit-McPhee), also arrive and move in.

When Sky goes through a rough patch with boyfriend Boyd Hoyland (Kyal Marsh), she and Dylan share a kiss. David Bishop (Kevin Harrington) looks down his nose at the family. Dylan later proceeds to lose his temper and destroys the interior of the Bishop household. Dylan is apprehended by Paul who provides him with an alibi. Dylan's old friend Reuben Hausman (Richard Cawthorne) appears and tries to convince Dylan to help him with a robbery. Paul convinces him to set up his friend to be arrested by the police in an attempted robbery of the Scarlet Bar. Dylan spends more time with Sky after she breaks up with Boyd. However, she maintains that she just wants to be friends with Dylan.

When Sky and Dylan try to save some animals that had been poisoned in the contaminated Lassiter's Lake, Dylan is poisoned himself. He later discovers that he is now more susceptible to cancer and other ailments. After some help from Paul, Sky and Dylan, and the other residents, manage to bring down Affirmacon, a corporation Paul was originally working with. Affirmacon were planning to buy out Ramsay Street, so they could build a shopping centre on the land. Paul is kidnapped and pushed off a cliff. Sky and Dylan find him and Paul's leg is infected and needs to be amputated. Dylan forges Paul's signature to save his life. Paul is livid, but realises that Dylan had acted within his best interests. Sky and Dylan begin a relationship.

For the 20th anniversary of Lassiter's, Paul asks Dylan and his daughter Elle (Pippa Black) to come up with competing celebration ideas. Dylan wins with his plan for an extravagant 40s-style joy-flight from Melbourne to Tasmania. Roo reappears and kidnaps Stingray and threatens violence against him unless Dylan robs a service station at gunpoint. Following the robbery Roo makes an anonymous tip-off to the police. Paul agree to help Dylan as they set off on the joy-flight, but warns him he might never be able to return. However, a bomb, that had been planted on the plane, explodes over the Bass Strait. Dylan is washed up the shore along with Connor O'Neill (Patrick Harvey). Dylan decides to fake his own death and escape prison. The pair live rough in the bush for some time.

Dylan finds a newspaper about the plane crash, and that Sky has survived. He returns to Erinsborough to clear Stingray's name, after he had been arrested for the robbery. Dylan is surprised to see his father Kim (Brett Swain) had returned and Dylan goes to his memorial service and is arrested. Stingray and Dylan are sent to prison. Stuart Parker (Blair McDonough) goes undercover as Mick Farrow to get them released. However, Roo recognises Stuart and arranges a riot. Dylan manages to get a confession out of Roo, which was recorded. The brothers are released and Sky and Dylan re-kindle their relationship.

Dylan sets up "Dyl-Dogs", a mobile hot dog cart. He gives his business to Kim, when he becomes head chef and manager at Lucinda's café. Paul's son Robert (Adam Hunter) frames Dylan, by poisoning some food and stealing money. He then causes some shelves to hit Elle. Dylan is blamed and Paul sacks him. Sky has an affair with her art lecturer, Jean-Pierre Valasco (Steven Cabral), and she tells Dylan. He breaks up with her and goes to see Jean-Pierre, but does not hurt him. Dylan gets a job at the Scarlet Bar and starts dating Elle. Sky then tells Dylan that she is pregnant. Dylan realises that he still loves Sky and tells Elle that he is considering getting back with her. Elle lies to Dylan that she a serious illness and he stays with her. Elle later tells him the truth and he gets back with Sky and he proposes to her.

Sky tells Dylan that the baby could not be his as it is too small and he is devastated when she tells him that Stingray is the father. Dylan disowns Stingray as his brother and gets back with Elle. Sky gives birth to a daughter, who she names Kerry (Claudine Henningsen). Stingray takes Kerry from the hospital and Dylan finds them. He takes Kerry to a hotel, but Elle finds them and returns Kerry. Sky, Dylan and Stingray decide to have a DNA test and it is announced that Dylan is Kerry's father. Paul decides to split Elle and Dylan up and employs Ned Parker (Dan O'Conner) to make it look like Dylan cheated. It works, and Elle breaks up with Dylan. When Kerry is diagnosed with leukaemia. Dylan blames Paul and he punches him. Stingray saves Kerry, but he dies from an aneurysm.

Dylan kidnaps Paul, blaming him for Stingray's death. He pushes him off the same cliff, which Paul had been thrown from before. Dylan later helps him up. Dylan realises his rage is getting out of control and begs Allan Steiger (Joe Clements) to arrest him. Steiger tells him that Janelle had already lost one son and could not bear to lose another. Dylan trashes the Scarlett Bar and he is discovered by Boyd. Kim coaxes Dylan into attending the funeral. Steiger tells Kim to take Dylan away from Erinsborough to regain his mind. Dylan claims he is angry all the time and that he could not laugh or cry or share stories about Stingray. Kim convinces him that it would be better for all if he goes away to regain his composure, so he can return and be a proper father to Kerry. Dylan says his goodbyes, though only Bree realises what is happening and begs him to stay. Dylan promises to return when he gets better. Dylan and Kim start work on a tourist boat in Port Douglas and when Sky visits him, he has a job as a chef.


A writer for the BBC said Dylan's most notable moment was "Getting beaten up by Stingray when he arrived in Erinsborough!"[4] A Daily Record reporter stated "Ever since Dylan Timmins arrived in Erinsborough, it's been clear that his bad boy image is nothing more than a front. Instead, he's a sensitive, caring lad whose big heart has won him the love of feisty Sky Mangel - which is no mean feat."[5] Another reporter for the paper quipped that although Dylan had "a bad reputation" when he first appeared, he had since become "a noble, kind-hearted lad".[6]


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