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In Greek mythology, Dynamene (/dɪˈnæmɪn, d-/; Ancient Greek: Δυναμένη "the bringer"[1]) was a Nereid or sea-nymph, one of the 50 daughters of the "Old Man of the Sea" Nereus and the Oceanid Doris.[2][3] Her name, a participle, means "she who can, the capable one."[4] She, along with her sister Pherusa, was associated with the might and power of great ocean swells. Dynamene had the ability to appear and disappear rapidly.[1] Some variations of her name were Dyomene[5] and Dinamene[6]


In Homer's Iliad, Dynamene and her other sisters appear to Thetis when she cries out in sympathy for the grief of Achilles at the slaying of his friend Patroclus.[7][8]


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