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For the superheroes, see Batman and Robin. For the professional wrestling tag team, see The Dynamic Duo.
Dynamic Duo
Also known as 다이나믹듀오
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Hip hop, Rap, K-pop
Years active 2003 – present
Labels Amoeba Culture
Website http://www.amoebaculture.com
Members Choiza

Dynamic Duo (Korean: 다이나믹듀오) is a Korean hip hop duo that consists of Choiza (Korean: 최자) and Gaeko (Korean: 개코). They are the main representative artists for urban music label, Amoeba Culture.


Their debut album Taxi Driver (2004) was the best-selling Hip Hop album in South Korea[1] that year, recording 50,000 sales in its first month of release. ‘Ring My Bell’ was the title track and since then they have continually come out with hits such as,‘Confession,' 'Attendance Check,' 'Solo,' and 'The Person Who Should Be Killed.'

Their second album, "Double Dynamite" also won them "Best Hip Hop Album" in the Korean Music Awards in 2006.[2] Since their first album in 2004 they have released a total of 6 full-length albums.

In 2013, their 7th full-length album titled "Lucky Numbers" was scheduled for release in July. The album featured artists such as Hyolyn of SISTAR, Primary, Zion T. and Supreme Team.[3]

Their 8th album, "Grand Carnival" was released in November 2015.


Choiza (Korean: 최자) and Gaeko (Korean: 개코) are Amoeba Culture’s representative artists who met in the 6th grade of elementary school.[4] They have a long standing history of being friends who then started to work together through an underground hip hop group named CB Mass. Dynamic Duo was established following a controversy involving the 3rd member of CB Mass, Curbin, who was accused of stealing money from the group. They have grown to become a highly respected hip hop duo that also has co-founded their present label company, Amoeba Culture.[5]

Choiza and Gaeko have also individually produced and recorded their own singles through the 'NOWorkend' project- a series of singles that has come out of their label Amoeba Culture representing songs from the label's artists that shows a completely different side of themselves to their fans.[6]

Both members Choiza and Gaeko entered their two-year mandatory military service together on October 12, 2009. Before being dispatched, both received basic military training at the same camp in Uijeongbu in Gyeonggi Province.[7]

The first Amoeba Culture concerts "2012 Amoebahood Concert” were held in Daegu, Busan and Seoul with Amoeba artists Dynamic Duo, Simon D, Primary and Rhythm Power.[8] and the second Amoeba Culture concerts "2013 Amoebahood Concert” were held Seoul .[9]


Choiza'a birth name is Choi Jae-ho (최재호). In August 2014, Choiza publicly acknowledged his relationship with former f(x) member Sulli. This was also confirmed by Amoeba Culture in a press release.[10]


Gaeko was born Kim Yoon-sung (김윤성). On May 14, 2011 in the middle of his military service, he married Kim Soomi before going back to serve the rest of his term. Their son, Rhythm, was born five months later on September 28, 2011.[11][12]


Studio Albums[edit]

  1. 이력서
  2. Taxidriver Interlude One
  3. 두남자 (Feat. Browneyed Soul)
  4. 실례합니다 (Feat. DJ Wrecks, 타블로 of 에픽하이)
  5. Pride (Feat. The Name, Double K, Verbal Jint)
  6. Taxidriver Interlude Two 다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo)
  7. 신나? (우리가 누구?) (Feat. 리사)
  8. Skit 다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo)
  9. 사랑하면 버려야 할 아까운 것들 (Feat. 성훈 of Browneyed Soul)
  10. Superstar (Behind The Scene) (Feat. Tiger JK, Sean2Slow, DJ 투컷츠 of 에픽하이)
  11. 비극 Part 1 (Feat. K.O.D)
  12. 무인도 (Feat. Lazy)
  13. 불면증 (Feat. 바비 킴)
  14. Ring My Bell (Feat. 나얼 of Browneyed Soul)
  15. 우리는 바보 (Shake Ya 엉덩 To Da 이)
  16. My World (Feat. 얀키 of TBNY)
  17. Outro
  • Double Dynamite (2005)
  1. Intro
  2. 고백(Go Back) (Feat. 정인)
  3. 합죽이가 됩시다 합! (Stop)
  4. 덩덕쿵(Retire) (Feat. Massive tone, DJ Friz)
  5. 아무도 모르게 (What's Going On)
  6. Let's go (Feat.Sixpoint, From KOD)
  7. It's alright Feat.Brown eyed soul, 개리from리쌍, 전제덕
  8. 시큰둥(funk the world) Feat.이적, microdot
  9. 너나 잘하세요(Fuck you) Feat.Tiger JK, Juvie Train from Bugakingz
  10. Skit
  11. 서커스 Feat. 도끼, 노홍철
  12. Love is (Feat. T 권기범)
  13. 파도(I know) Feat. Paloalto
  14. 그림자 Feat. 은주최
  15. 나쁜소식(bad news is coming) feat. bmk
  16. 덩덕쿵 (retire) Feat. P-type, The Quiett
  17. Sad cafe(Fractal RoboticDuo Remix)
  • Love Is Enlightened (2007)
  • LAST DAYS (August 21, 2008)
  1. Intro: Last days (feat. MYK)
  2. 길을막지마
  3. Solo (feat. Alex)
  4. 어머니의 된장국 (feat. Ra.D (라디))
  5. Trust me (feat. Supreme Team (슈프림팀))
  6. 해변의 Girl (feat. Park Jin Young (박진영))
  7. Make up sex
  8. You back (feat. 0C.D)
  9. Good love (feat. BSK (김범수))
  10. Don't say goodbye (feat. J)
  11. Give me the light
  12. 들쥐떼들
  13. 아버지 (feat. Ra.D (라디))
  14. 숨 (feat. Sean2Slow (션이슬로우))
  • Newways Always (GONE) (2008)
  • Triple Dynamite (0CD vs Gaeko) (2009)
  • Band of Dynamic Brothers (2009.10.06)
  1. 그림에 떡
  2. 돈이 다가 아니야, feat. Kang San Ae (강산에)
  3. 두꺼비집, feat. 0CD
  4. 잔돈은 됐어요, feat. Gary (개리) and Bumkey
  5. 죽일 놈 (Guilty)
  6. 왜 벌써가, feat. Bumkey (범키)
  7. Biggestmagicalvision
  8. 불꽃놀이
  9. 사우나, feat. E-Sens (이센스)
  10. 월광증, feat. Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미닉)
  11. 퉁 되는 Brothers (The Toong Brothers), feat. TopBob (톱밥)
  12. Ugly
  13. 청춘, feat. Kim-C (김C)
  • DYNAMICDUO 6th DIGILOG 1/2 (2011)
  1. Digilog (Intro)
  2. 살발해 (Forever Young), feat. Beenzino
  3. 해뜰때까지만 (Girl)
  4. 사선에서 (In The Line Of Fire), feat. Mad Soul Child
  5. 막잔하고 나갈게 (Lost One)
  6. 수면장애 (Sleep Disorder)
  7. 불타는 금요일 (Friday Night)
  8. Precious Love, feat. Jinbo
  9. 남자로서 (Great Expectation)
  • DYNAMICDUO 6th DIGILOG 2/2 (2012.01.04)
  1. 확가게 (Go Hard)
  2. 제끼자 (Check This Out), feat. Yankie & Yabul
  3. 거기서거기 (Without You)
  4. 혹으로 알아
  5. 오해, feat. Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미닉) & HangZoo (행주)
  6. 남산워먼, feat. UV
  7. 참고 살아
  8. 사랑의 미학
  9. Outro
  • DYNAMICDUO 7th LUCKYNUMBERS (2013.07.01)
  1. 진격의 거인 둘 (Return Of The Kings)
  2. 쌔끈해 (Three Dopeboyz), feat. Zion.T (자이언티)
  3. Skit #1
  4. 거품 안 넘치게 따라줘 (Life Is Good), feat. Crush (크러쉬) & DJ Friz
  5. Baaam, feat. Muzie (뮤지)
  6. Airplane Mode, feat. Juhan, Haewon, & Simo (사이먼)
  7. 만루홈런, feat. Supreme Team (슈프림팀) & DJ Friz
  8. 슛 골인
  9. 날개뼈 (Hot Wings), feat. Hyolyn (효린)
  10. 아침사랑
  11. 비극 Pt.2 (Tragedy Pt.2)
  12. 범죄야 범죄 Crime Scene, feat. Jung Jaeil (정재일)
  13. 가끔씩 오래 보자
  • DYNAMICDUO 8th GRAND CARNIVAL (2015.11.17)


  • Ballad for Fallen Soul part 1 (2009)

Digital Singles[edit]

Choiza's Digital Singles

  • Album Title: Traveler (2013)
  1. 없어
  2. 없어 (Inst.)

Gaeko's Digital Singles

  • Album Title: Gaeko Attic's 1st Piece (2013)
  1. 될 대로 되라고 해 (느낌 so good)
  2. 될 대로 되라고 해 (느낌 so good) (Inst.)

with DJ Premier

  • Album Title: A Giant Step (2014)
  1. AEAO
  2. Animal

Awards and Recognitions[edit]

Award Shows[edit]

MelOn Music Awards[edit]

The MelOn Music Awards (Korean: 멜론 뮤직 어워드) are one of the major music awards shows held annually in South Korea. Dynamic Duo has received an award at the show consecutively since 2012.

Year Award Nominated work Recipient Result Ref
2013 Top 10 (Bonsang) DYNAMICDUO 7th LUCKYNUMBERS Dynamic Duo Won [13]
2012 Music Style Awards: Rap/Hip Hop "Without You" Dynamic Duo Won [14]

Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

The Mnet Asian Music Awards, commonly referred to as MAMA, are one of Asia's largest musical award show ceremonies that acknowledge musical artists active all over Asia. The winners are determined in part through the votes of international fans.

Year Award Nominated work Result Ref
2004 Best Hip Hop Video "Ring My Bell" Nominated [15]
2006 "Go Back" Nominated [16][17]
Best Music Video Nominated
2007 Best Music Video "Attendance Check (출첵)" Won [18]
"Complex" Nominated [19]
Best Hip Hop Performance "Attendance Check (출첵)" Nominated
2008 Best Music Video "Solo" Nominated [20]
Best Hip Hop Performance Nominated
2009 "Guilty" Nominated [21]
2013 Best Rap Performance "BAAAM" Won [22]

Music Programs[edit]

These are a collection of Dynamic Duo's first place wins on Korea's televised music shows. Show Champion is aired on MBC Music every Wednesday, M! Countdown on general cable channel M.net every Thursday, Music Bank on Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) every Friday, Music Core on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) every Saturday and Inkigayo on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) every Sunday.

The hip-hop duo won first place on one of these music programs for the first time 14 years after their debut.

Show Champion[edit]

Year Date Song
2013 July 10 "BAAAM"

M! Countdown[edit]

Year Date Song
2013 July 11 "BAAAM"
2014 October 23 "No make up"
2015 November 26 "Jam"

Music Bank[edit]

Year Date Song
2013 July 12 "BAAAM"

Music Core[edit]

Year Date Song
2013 July 13 "BAAAM"


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