Dynamic Stillness

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Dynamic Stillness
Dynamic Stillness album cover.jpg
Studio album by Steve Roach
Released May 5, 2009
Recorded at The Timeroom in Tucson, Arizona
Genre Ambient
Length 145:49
Label Projekt Records
Producer Steve Roach
Steve Roach chronology
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Dynamic Stillness
Destination Beyond
Music sample
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
Darkroom Magazine (6.5/10)[2] (in Italian)
Echoes (positive)[3]
Guts of Darkness 5/6 stars[4] (in French)
MusicTap 4/5 stars[5]

Dynamic Stillness is a 2-disc album by the American ambient musician Steve Roach, released in 2009.


Dynamic Stillness is composed of pieces created in solitude over a period of three years.[6] The resulting pieces emote the slow, powerful energies of expanding cloud formations and the silence of the sprawling land beneath.

Immediately after the release of Dynamic Stillness, Steve Roach commenced with a continuation of the atmospheric theme, creating the long-form piece, Afterlight.[7]

Album artwork[edit]

The photographs used in the artwork were created by Michal Karcz, whose imagery is nearly achromatic in nature. The six-panel digipack album opens to reveal stark imagery of perfect desolation beneath foreboding clouds.[8] This magnificent contrast is, of course, observed in the album's title.

The artwork played an integral part in the creation of the music. Steve Roach and Michal Karcz traded music and artwork for nearly two years.[9] Roach's pieces evolved with the imagery, as Karcz's graphic work evolved with the music, resulting in one of the most integrated releases of Roach's career.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Steve Roach.

Disc One
No. Title Length
1. "Birth of Still Places" 40:28
2. "Long Tide" 19:41
3. "A Darker Light" 7:34
4. "Opening Sky" 5:06
Disc Two
No. Title Length
1. "Nature of Things" 8:50
2. "Further Inside" 16:58
3. "Slowly Revealed" 23:55
4. "Canyon Stillness" 23:17



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