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Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) is intended to inform public transportation passengers about currently available runs. As such, data from long term, static, predefined public transport timetables can be amended with continuous, dynamically determined timetable deviations. DPI consequently augments traditional (static) passenger information.


Passengers frequently demand appropriate real time information from transportation firms. This is to be delivered, unprompted, for each deviation from the printed static timetable. In case of delay, the Passenger information systems should show to the passenger the new expected time for the arrive of the vehicle in the station.

Passengers also should to be alerted when the expected traffic will be interrupted for a defined or undefined period of time, and also in case of problems in the station, like terrorism threat, fire...

Expected Interruptions[edit]

The Passenger information system also should alert the customer of the days off of the service, like in case of holidays or strikes. This is an efficient way of aligning the expectations of the customer with the service that the transport system provide.

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