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Dynamo flag
German Dynamo Sports Society (Sportvereiningung)

Dynamo, also Dinamo, (Russian: Динамо; Ukrainian: Динамо, Belarusian: Дынама, Georgian: დინამო) is a sports and fitness society created in 1923 in the Soviet Union. The Sports Society was an association of multi-sport clubs of NKVD security forces and after the World War II, MVD and KGB. With the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe after the World War II (Central and Eastern Europe), similar Dynamo societies were established throughout the Eastern Bloc such as SV Dynamo (East Germany).

Since 2016, Vladimir Strzhalkovskiy is the Chairman of the Dynamo Society.



The name given to the society was supposed to mean "Power in Motion", taken from the Greek: δύναμις; dynamis -power, and Latin: motio, -motion. Not coincidentally, this term was first coined earlier by a Belgian inventor Zenobe Gramme for the electrical generator. Dynamo, together with Armed Forces sports societies, made up the universal system of physical education and sports of the USSR. Forty-five sports disciplines were sanctioned by the society in 1971. It had some 6,000 sports facilities and 43 Children and Youth Sport Schools.[citation needed]



The "Dinamo" society was officially created on 18 April 1923, on Felix Dzerzhinsky's initiative[1] and under the sponsorship of the State Political Directorate (GPU), the Soviet political police, the predecessor of other later created Soviet security structures such as KGB, NKVD and MVD. For the rest of the society's history in the Soviet period, it maintained some connection with the state security apparatus.[citation needed]

The name of the society also became well-known internationally through many clubs in various sports, initially created under the auspices of the Soviet Dynamo society (a partial list of sports includes football (soccer), bandy, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, and handball) or just bore the name "Dynamo", with many such clubs attaining much international acclaim, such as in football: KF Dinamo Tirana, Dinamo Baku, FC Dinamo București, Dinamo Sofia, FC Dynamo Kyiv, FC Dynamo Moscow, FC Dinamo Tbilisi, FC Dinamo Minsk, FC Dinamo Brest, JK Dünamo Tallinn, NK Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), Sportvereinigung Dynamo (East Germany: including BFC Dynamo, SG Dynamo Dresden and SC Dynamo Berlin), in ice hockey: HC Dynamo Moscow, Dynamo Kyiv (now Sokil Kyiv), HC Dinamo Minsk, and Dinamo Riga. Similarly-named clubs were created in many countries of the Eastern bloc. Many clubs, now transformed into the regular private clubs of their respective national leagues, still function under their original Dinamo or Dynamo name but their history is the only connection with the old Dynamo society.[citation needed]


Currently, Dynamo is an All-Russian fitness-sports society based in Moscow.[2] The society also has several affiliations abroad[3] in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine.

There is the International coordination council of Dynamo's organizations which includes:

  • Sports Association "Interclub" of Ministry of Interior (Albania)
  • Sports Public Organization "Dynamo" (Armenia)
  • Republican State-Public Union "Belarusian Fitness-Sports Society Dynamo"
  • Fitness-Sports Club "Dynamo" (Georgia)
  • Sports Organization "Fiamme ORO" of Ministry of Interior (Italy)
  • Public Union "Fitness-Sports Society Dynamo" (Kazakhstan)
  • Public Union "Kyrgyz Fitness-Sports Society Dynamo"
  • Sports Society "Dynamo" (Latvia)
  • Central Sports Club "Dynamo" of Ministry of Interior (Moldova)
  • Sports Organization "Khuch"
  • Public-State Union "All-Russian Fitness-Sports Society Dynamo"
  • Sports Society "Dynamo" (Romania)
  • Sports Society "Dynamo" of Ministry of Interior (Tajikistan)
  • Sports Club "Galkan" of Ministry of Interior (Turkmenistan)
  • Fitness-Sports Society "Dynamo" (Ukraine)

Several organizations are observers:

  • Fitness-Sports Charter "Dynamo" (Abkhazia)
  • Sports Society of Ministry of Interior (Azerbaijan)
  • Fitness-Sports Society "Dynamo" (Uzbekistan)

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