Dynamo Stadium (Kharkiv)

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Dynamo Stadium
Stadium in 2012
Stadium in 2012
Location Kharkiv, Ukraine
Coordinates 50°01′18.80″N 36°14′23.70″E / 50.0218889°N 36.2399167°E / 50.0218889; 36.2399167
Capacity 8,000
Field size 105 m × 68 m (115 yd × 74 yd)
Surface Grass
Opened 1931
Renovated 1946, 1971, 2011
Solly Plus

Dynamo Stadium in Kharkiv, Ukraine was most recently the home of FC Kharkiv, an association football club.


Gates to the stadium

The stadium was built in 1931 and was used by teams from Kharkiv in the Soviet Championship, including FC Dynamo Kharkiv and FC Lokomotyv Kharkiv.

The stadium was damaged during World War II, and later reconstructed. Lokomotiv Kharkiv, the predecessor to FC Metalist Kharkiv in the Soviet Top League, used the stadium until they moved to Metalist Stadium. The stadium was repaired again in 1971, and was practically idle until 1997.

Until 2008, the stadium was used by FC Helios Kharkiv, who were leasing it from the municipal administration. At the beginning of 2008, the facility was sold to FC Kharkiv under the condition that the club would reconstruct it. It was closed down for renovations in late 2008, forcing FC Helios to move out of Kharkiv. FC Kharkiv returned to the stadium in April 2009, upon the conclusion of the main phase of renovations.[1][not in citation given]


The stadium was reconstructed in 2011.[2] [3]


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