Dynasty IT

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Dynasty IT
ManufacturerDynasty Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Production2001 - present
Body and chassis
ClassBattery Electric microcar
Body style5 door multi-purpose
TransmissionFront wheel drive
Length140 in (3566mm)
Width60 in (1524mm)
Height63 in (1600mm)
Curb weight1450 lbs (653kg)

The Dynasty IT was a Canadian electric car produced by Dynasty Electric Car Corporation, designed to qualify as a neighborhood electric vehicle, primarily made for urban, recreational and light commercial markets.[1] It was available in five variants including a sedan, mini pick-up, van and two open air versions. The North American version has a range of up to 30 miles (50 km) and does not exceed 25 mph (40 km/h). Most models have a curb weight of 1450 lb (653 kg).

Dynasty was bought by Karakoram Motors of Pakistan,[2] which in 2018 said it planned to produce it in Pakistan.[3]

Use of the vehicle was legal as a low-speed vehicle (LSV) in 47 US states and the Canadian province of British Columbia. A version of the car appeared on the American Sci-Fi Channel TV series Eureka. For the show's purposes, it is covered with photovoltaic cells to appear to be a solar-powered car.



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