Dynasty IT

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Dynasty IT
Manufacturer Dynasty Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Production 2001 - present
Body and chassis
Class Battery Electric microcar
Body style 5 door multi-purpose
Engine Battery
Transmission Front wheel drive
Length 140 in (3566mm)
Width 60 in (1524mm)
Height 63 in (1600mm)
Curb weight 1450 lbs (653kg)

The Dynasty IT is a Canadian electric car produced by Dynasty Electric Car Corporation. It is designed to qualify as a neighborhood electric vehicle, primarily made for urban, recreational and light commercial markets.[1] It is available in five different variants including a sedan, mini pick-up, van and two open air versions. The North American version has a range of up to 30 miles (50 km) and does not exceed 25 mph (40 km/h). Most models have a curb weight of 1450 lb (653 kg).

North America[edit]

Use of the vehicle is currently legal as a low-speed vehicle (LSV) in 47 US states and the Canadian province of British Columbia. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is currently running a pilot project to determine whether battery electric vehicles are safe to operate on public roads. Begun in 2005, the project will run for 5 years; although it allows two- and three-wheeled "e-bikes" to use public roads during the trial period, it permits four-wheeled LSV's like the Dynasty only in provincial and municipal parks and conservation areas[needs update].

A version of the car appears on the American Sci-Fi Channel TV series Eureka. For the show's purposes, it is covered with photovoltaic cells to appear to be a solar-powered car.


The UK versions of the car are to have a higher top speed, 35-40 mph (55–65 km/h).

Karakoram Motors[edit]

The Daily Times of Pakistan reports that the Canadian manufacturer of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Dynasty Electric Car Corporation has been sold to Pakistani automaker Karakoram Motors

The Vancouver Sun, BC also confirmed that the company was bought by a Pakistani group, due to lack of support from the provincial government.Transport Canada rules finish off electric car

The website of Karakoram Motors says

"is also planning to introduce the first electric passenger cars in Pakistan; we have already acquired the sole-production rights of a Canadian firm DYNASTY and will very soon start manufacturing these vehicles here"



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