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There are numerous minor but significant characters featured in the 1980s television series Dynasty and its 2017 reboot.


Character name Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance
Joseph Anders Lee Bergere (1981–1983) "Oil" "The Bungalow"

As Dynasty begins, the Carringtons' longtime majordomo Joseph is fiercely loyal to the family and takes an immediate dislike to Blake Carrington's new bride Krystle. Krystle rises to the challenge and they eventually share a mutual respect. Joseph later shows a deeper loathing for Alexis, Blake's first wife, which is further exacerbated by Alexis' ill treatment of Joseph's daughter, Kirby. At the end of season three, Alexis and Krystle are trapped in a cabin that is then set on fire; they survive, and it is eventually revealed that Joseph had set the fire in an effort to kill Alexis after she had threatened to disclose a secret related to Kirby's parentage. After learning this, Blake drives to Joseph's home but is too late, as the guilty Joseph has killed himself by way of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Lindsay Blaisdel Katy Kurtzman (1981) "Oil" "The Testimony"
Lindsay is the teenage daughter of Matthew and Claudia Blaisdel. With fragile Claudia newly released from a sanitarium after a breakdown, mother and daughter are trying to reconnect. Hurt and traumatized by the ordeal, Lindsay is further swept up in her parents' domestic troubles. Matthew leaves the country with Lindsay after discovering Claudia's affair with Steven Carrington; Claudia subsequently does everything within her power — including things she finds despicable — to find Lindsay. Matthew and Lindsay are later presumed dead in a car crash in the Peruvian jungle. Matthew mentions to Krystle Carrington during his 1987 return that Lindsay had died from the injuries she sustained in the car crash.
Matthew Blaisdel Bo Hopkins (1981; 1987) "Oil" "The Siege – Part 2"

Krystle Jennings' former flame and a Denver-Carrington employee, Matthew returns to Denver from the Middle East on the eve of Krystle's marriage to Blake Carrington. He struggles with his feelings for Krystle as he tries to rebuild his marriage with fragile Claudia, newly released from an institution after a breakdown. Matthew leaves Blake's employ to run his own rig, and soon their rivalry over Krystle transforms into a fierce rivalry over oil. Meanwhile, Claudia's friendship with Blake's son Steven Carrington turns into an affair; when the secret comes out, Matthew takes his and Claudia's daughter Lindsay and leaves town. They are later presumed dead in a car crash in the jungles of Peru. Matthew returns in 1987, very much alive; he and Lindsay had been rescued from the crash by a jungle tribe who saved his life, though Matthew says Lindsay later died from her injuries. With the help of these Peruvian minions, Matthew storms the Carrington mansion after the wedding of Adam Carrington and Dana Waring; he wants Krystle to run off with him, but holds the family hostage when she resists. He takes them to the site of his original oil rig, and is eventually killed by old friend Steven.

Ben Carrington Christopher Cazenove (1986–1987) "Ben" "Shadow Play"

Alexis Colby finds Blake's vengeful brother Ben in Australia, and brings him back to cause trouble for her ex-husband. Blake blames Ben for their mother's death; Ben was supposed to be caring for her, but instead left her alone. Ben and Alexis manage to bring Blake to his knees before Blake turns the tables on them; Ben eventually reconciles with Blake and with his estranged daughter Leslie, becoming a better and kinder man overall. It is also revealed that Ben had an affair with Emily Fallmont, and that Clay Fallmont may be his son. This is never proven for sure, and Ben ultimately leaves town, but not before Leslie forgives him for the affair.

Leslie Carrington Terri Garber (1987–1988) "The Rig" "Colorado Roulette"
Ben Carrington's daughter Leslie comes to town to confront the father who abandoned her. There she runs into former flame Dex Dexter, and dallies with Michael Culhane. Leslie is later involved with Clay Fallmont, but when it is revealed he may also be Ben's son, he breaks it off and leaves town. After falling into an affair with a married Jeff Colby, Leslie becomes Alexis Colby's protégé, but is fired for also having an affair with Alexis' husband, Sean Rowan. Sean takes Leslie hostage and rapes and beats her when his schemes unravel, but Leslie manages to contact her cousin, Steven Carrington, who comes for her and calls for an ambulance; this is the last time we see Leslie in the series.
Cecil Colby Lloyd Bochner (1981–1982) "Oil" "The Wedding"
The uncle who raised Jeff Colby, Cecil is a longtime friend and business rival of Blake Carrington. He makes a deal with Blake's daughter Fallon: she marries Jeff, and in exchange Cecil will lend Blake financial assistance. CEO of the oil company ColbyCo, Cecil later tries to destroy Blake using the persona Logan Rhinewood. Soon after her arrival, Blake's ex-wife Alexis Carrington tells Steven that Cecil is Fallon's father; Fallon eventually finds out, but it is proven untrue. Cecil becomes romantically involved with Alexis, but has a heart attack while in bed with her. He marries her on his deathbed, hoping she will use ColbyCo to ruin Blake.
Sabella "Sable" Scott Colby Stephanie Beacham (1985; 1988–1989) "The Titans" "Catch 22"
The wife of Colby Enterprises magnate Jason Colby and maternal first cousin of Alexis and Caress, Sable first visits Denver in "The Titans" (1985). The character subsequently appears in the spin-off series The Colbys for its entire run from 1985 to 1987. Sable later moves to Denver in "A Touch of Sable" and becomes a close friend of the Carrington family and Alexis's biggest rival. She takes over the Carlton Hotel, outmaneuvers Alexis in business, and becomes romantically involved with—and pregnant by—Alexis' ex-husband Dex Dexter.
Michael Culhane Wayne Northrop (1981; 1986–1987) "Oil" "The Sublet"

As Dynasty begins, Carrington chauffeur Michael becomes involved in a sexual relationship with heiress Fallon, but she soon turns the tables on his playful blackmail attempt. Michael proves useful to Blake Carrington in his shady business dealings, but Blake has Michael beaten up when he learns of his relationship with Fallon. Michael leaves town at the end of the first season, but returns in the first episode of the seventh season ("The Victory") in time to save Amanda Carrington from the La Mirage fire. The two become romantically involved as Blake gives Michael his job as Blake's driver back, but Blake fires him when he sees the couple kissing. An angry Michael, not really as poor as he has let on, secretly orchestrates a deal that would give him a piece of Blake's latest venture, but Amanda's mother Alexis Colby reveals his schemes, and he soon leaves Denver again.

Clay Fallmont Ted McGinley (1986–1987) "Masquerade" "Shadow Play"
The son of Buck and Emily Fallmont and brother of Bart, Clay romances Amanda Carrington and marries Sammy Jo Reece. He is later involved with Leslie Carrington, but when it is revealed he may also be Ben Carrington's son (and Leslie's brother), he breaks it off and leaves town.
Mark Jennings Geoffrey Scott (1982–1984) "The Siblings" "The Engagement"
The first husband of Krystle Carrington, tennis pro Mark is lured to Denver by Krystle's enemy Alexis Colby to cause trouble for Krystle. Alexis is later arrested for his murder, but it is ultimately revealed that Neal McVane had killed Mark and framed Alexis for the crime.
Walter Lankershim Dale Robertson (1981) "Oil" "The Beating"
Longtime friend and later business partner of Matthew Blaisdel, wildcatter Walter does not take kindly the shady tactics of business rival Blake Carrington.

Walter's death is eventually noted in the season six episode "The Proposal" (1985).

Prince Michael of Moldavia Michael Praed (1985–1986) "Circumstantial Evidence" "The Dismissal"
Amanda Carrington meets dashing Prince Michael in Acapulco; they are mutually smitten but he is engaged to another. Amanda's mother Alexis Colby schemes for the couple to marry by visiting an old friend: King Galen of Moldavia, Michael's father. After a somewhat volatile courtship, Amanda and Michael wed in Moldavia, with all the Carringtons present. However, a political coup comes to fruition and terrorists, bent on seizing the country, attack the ceremony. Michael and the Carringtons are eventually allowed to leave Moldavia, and are told that Galen has been killed. A very-much-alive Galen is rescued by Alexis and Dex Dexter, and the King's plans to reclaim his crown force Michael to put his country before his wife. Michael and Amanda's marriage eventually disintegrates; they divorce and he leaves town.
Cassandra "Caress" Morell Kate O'Mara (1986) "Suspicions" "The Letter"

The younger sister of Alexis Colby, Caress is released from a Caracas, Venezuela prison in 1986; she had been incarcerated years before after an incident involving Alexis and her then-paramour, Zach Powers. Caress comes to Denver and hopes to make a fortune by writing a scathing tell-all book about Alexis and exposing her sister's darkest secrets. Alexis finds out about the book, secretly buys the publishing company and scuttles the project. A resentful Caress offers to help Alexis' ex-husband Blake Carrington prove that Alexis perjured herself in a court case against him. Blake's brother Ben Carrington has Caress kidnapped and sent back to prison in Caracas; she sends a desperate letter to Blake, but he is unable to free her because of Ben's bribes. Blake sends Alexis' ex-husband Dex Dexter (joined by Clay Fallmont) to extract her. Once back in Denver, Caress blackmails Emily Fallmont with the secret that Emily once cheated on her husband Buck with Ben, but feels honest regret over doing so. Blake convinces Caress to give up her plan and she agrees. Emily ultimately confesses her sins, but is hit by a car and killed. Caress leaves town on a mission to dig up secrets on Ben, but is never mentioned again.

Sean Rowan James Healey (1987–1988) "The Siege – Part 1" "Colorado Roulette"
Sean becomes involved with Alexis Colby after saving her when her car plunged off a bridge into a river. They marry and Sean insinuates himself into her business, alienating Alexis' son Adam Carrington. It is soon revealed that Sean is secretly the son of former Carrington majordomo Joseph Anders, bent on avenging his father and sister, Kirby Anders, who had been ill-treated by Alexis and the Carringtons. Sean has an affair with Leslie Carrington and schemes to destroy the family, and is ultimately killed by Dex.
Dr. Nick Toscanni [1] James Farentino (1981–1982) "Alexis' Secret" "The Cliff"
Blake Carrington asks his friend and employee Nick, a psychologist, to look in on fragile Claudia Blaisdel after her release from the hospital. Nick saves a suicidal Claudia's life and helps her recover from the disappearance of her husband and daughter, but Nick also holds a secret grudge against Blake and vows revenge. The charismatic doctor flirts with Blake's wife Krystle and beds Blake's married daughter Fallon as he looks for a way to destroy the Carrington patriarch. Finally, Nick confronts Blake about his part in the death of Nick's brother; Blake denies any wrongdoing, but is thrown from his horse and knocked unconscious. Nick leaves him unaided, and leaves Denver, but not before arranging Little Blake's kidnapping as revenge.
Jeremy Van Dorn Jeroen Krabbé (1991) Dynasty: The Reunion Dynasty: The Reunion
Introduced in Dynasty: The Reunion, Van Dorn is a media spin doctor soon revealed to be head of the Consortium, a worldwide Mafia-like organization that had illegally taken control of Denver-Carrington while Blake has been in prison. Van Dorn gets involved with Alexis Colby, but is eventually discovered by Jeff Colby and Adam Carrington.
Dana Waring Carrington Leann Hunley (1986–1988) "Reward" "Broken Krystle"

Adam Carrington uses Dana, Blake's beautiful and loyal assistant at Denver-Carrington, to obtain confidential information while working for his mother Alexis at ColbyCo. The pair soon fall in love, and it is revealed that Dana had followed Adam to Denver from Billings, Montana, where she had loved him from afar. They marry, but Dana's inability to conceive a child places a strain on their relationship. She struggles to keep the secret that her infertility was caused by an abortion in her teens, the result of a one-night stand with Adam when he lived as Michael Torrance (he had been too drunk to remember the encounter). Adam and Dana use a surrogate to conceive Adam's child, but the subsequent custody battle when the mother changes her mind tears Adam and Dana's marriage apart for good.


Character name Original series
Portrayed by First appearance Last appearance
Steven Daniel "Danny" Carrington Jr. Matthew Lawrence (1984–1985)
Jameson Sampley (1985–1988)
Justin Burnette (1988–1989; 1991)
"Samantha" (1982, infant) Dynasty: The Reunion
In 1982, as Steven Carrington is presumed dead in an oil rig explosion in the Java Sea, his ex-wife Sammy Jo appears at the Carrington mansion with a baby: her son with Steven. More interested in a modeling career than being a mother, Sammy Jo leaves baby Danny with Steven's father Blake and his wife, Sammy Jo's maternal aunt Krystle, as Steven's mother Alexis Colby pays Sammy Jo to leave town. Steven returns and assumes custody of his son; he and Blake soon get into a legal battle over the child, worsened by Sammy Jo's false testimony against Steven. Marrying Claudia Blaisdel assures Steven's victory. Sammy Jo returns in 1984 seeking custody, and soon kidnaps Danny. Steven's brother Adam helps retrieve the child in Los Angeles. Later, young Danny becomes close to Claudia, and their relationship continues after Steven and Claudia divorce, but a returning Sammy Jo again wants to be involved in her son's life. She later proves herself to the family and Steven, and becomes a mother to Danny.
Krystina Carrington Cassidy Lewis (1984–1985)
Jessica Player (1987–1989; 1991)
"Krystina" (1984, infant) Dynasty: The Reunion
Krystina is the young daughter of Blake and Krystle Carrington.
Tom Carrington [2] Harry Andrews (1985) "The Will" "The Will"
Blake, his ex-wife Alexis, and his half-sister Dominique Deveraux visits Blake's dying father Tom in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tom, an oil, timber, and rubber tycoon, meets his illegitimate daughter Dominique for the first time, and she convinces him to accept her. Tom dies, but not before including Dominique in his will, which infuriates Alexis (who is also a beneficiary). In "Sins of the Father" (1989), Blake admits that Tom had been given a priceless Frederick Stahl art collection in the early 1950s after transporting some men accused of Nazi war crimes with his shipping line. He had partnered with Jason Colby and Sam Dexter to hide the collection. In "Catch 22" (1989), it is revealed that Tom had disposed of Roger Grimes' body after a young Fallon had killed him to protect Alexis.
Blake "L.B." Colby [3] Timothy McNutt (1984–1985)
Ashley Mutrux (1985)
Brandon Bluhm (1987–1989; 1991)
"The Baby" (1982, infant) Dynasty: The Reunion
Blake Jeffrey Carrington Colby [4] (commonly known as "Little Blake" or "L.B.") is the son of Jeff Colby and Fallon Carrington Colby.
Lauren Colby [5] Jenny Pharis (1988–1989)
Brittany Alyse Smith (1991)
"Guilty Party" (The Colbys; 1987, infant)
"Broken Krystle" (Dynasty)
Dynasty: The Reunion
Lauren Constance Colby is the daughter of Jeff Colby and Fallon Carrington Colby, born in The Colbys episode "Guilty Party" (1987); before her birth, Fallon is unsure whether the baby's father is Jeff or Miles Colby. Lauren first appears on Dynasty in the 1988 episode "Broken Krystle", when Fallon is on the phone with Alexis.
Jackie Deveraux Troy Beyer (1986–1987) "The Accident" "The Affair"
The daughter of Dominique Deveraux, Jackie comes to Denver in the sixth season episode "The Accident". Dominique's lover Garrett Boydston is immediately convinced that Jackie is his daughter, from years before when he and Dominique had an affair while he was married to someone else. Jackie later runs away when she learns the truth, and Dominique admits to Garrett that he is indeed Jackie's father in "The Vote". Dominique and Garrett decide to marry, but soon break up; he leaves town in the sixth season finale "The Choice (a.k.a.) The Vendetta" as the La Mirage hotel catches fire. Jackie is injured in the blaze, and later in "The Arraignment" remembers enough about the fire to exonerate her uncle Blake Carrington from accusations of arson.
Ted Dinard [6] Mark Withers (1981) "Fallon's Wedding" "The Separation"
Steven Carrington's former boyfriend from New York City comes to Denver hoping to lure Steven back to resume their relationship. They eventually agree not to reconcile, but Steven's father Blake witnesses their farewell hug and mistakes it for a romantic embrace. As he pulls Ted off of Steven, Ted falls, hits his head, and dies. Blake is charged with his murder, and the subsequent trial nearly tears the Carrington family apart.
Bart Fallmont Kevin Conroy (1985–1986)
Cameron Watson (1991)
"The Roadhouse" Dynasty: The Reunion
Successful lawyer and arrogant member of the prominent Fallmont family, Bart spars with both Steven and Adam Carrington, but he and Steven are soon attracted to each other. Meanwhile, Adam blackmails Bart, threatening to publicly reveal Fallmont's homosexuality; when Bart ultimately won't cooperate, Adam reveals his secret. Much to Steven's disappointment, Bart leaves town.

Years later in Dynasty: The Reunion, after Steven has himself left Denver, he and Bart are in a committed relationship and living in Washington, D.C. Steven's father Blake visits after he is released from prison, but their relationship is icy; Steven and Bart eventually reunite with the rest of the Carrington family at the mansion in Colorado.

Buck Fallmont Richard Anderson (1986–1987) "Masquerade" "Shadow Play"
Seasoned senator with a problem with alcohol and a hatred for the Carrington family. Told his son Clay, who was involved with Leslie Carrington, to drive the two lovers apart.
Emily Fallmont Pat Crowley (1986) "Masquerade" "The Letter"
Wife of Senator Buck Fallmont and the mother of Clay and Bart, Emily is desperate to preserve the secret that she had an affair with Ben Carrington early in her marriage. However, this revelation is what Blake Carrington needs to prove that Ben and Alexis Colby have perjured themselves. Pushed to the limit by Caress Morell's blackmail, Emily finally writes a confession and begs Blake to use it; her secret comes out and devastates Buck, but he forgives her as she dies after being hit by a car.
Luke Fuller William Campbell (1984–1985) "The Secret" "The Aftermath"
Soft-spoken Luke becomes close to coworker Steven Carrington after being hired by Steven's mother, Alexis, to work at ColbyCo. As circumstances keep throwing them together, Steven makes it clear to both his wife Claudia and Luke that his and Luke's relationship is purely platonic. Still, Claudia cannot ignore the warning signs, and Steven cannot ignore the attraction. He and Luke eventually begin a relationship, and Claudia finds solace with Steven's brother, Adam. Later, when the entire family (including Luke) travels to Moldavia for the wedding of Steven and Adam's sister Amanda, terrorists attack the chapel. Luke is shot in the head trying to protect Claudia from machine-gun fire. He later dies in Steven's arms.
King Galen of Moldavia Joel Fabiani (1985–1986) "Life and Death" "The Divorce"
Alexis Colby visits old friend King Galen of Moldavia as part of her plan to wed her daughter Amanda Carrington to Galen's son, Prince Michael. The couple had met but Michael was engaged to another woman; after a somewhat volatile courtship, Amanda and Michael wed in Moldavia, with all the Carringtons present. However, a political coup comes to fruition and terrorists, bent on seizing the country, attack the ceremony. Michael and the Carringtons are eventually allowed to leave Moldavia, and are told that Galen has been killed. A very-much-alive Galen is rescued by Alexis and Dex Dexter; paralyzed, he moves ahead with plans to reclaim his crown. Galen manipulates Alexis to gain necessary funds, coming between her and Dex and offering to make her his queen. When Alexis uncovers his schemes and finds out that he has recovered from his paralysis and has been faking it, she sends him packing.
Gerard William Beckley (1983–1989; 1991) "The Note" Dynasty: The Reunion
Longtime Carrington butler Gerard is close to the family. He takes over as majordomo after Joseph Anders' suicide. When Matthew Blaisdel abducts the household staff along with the Carringtons in season eight, Gerard and housekeeper Jeanette Robbins admit their feelings for each other.
Hilda Gunnerson Betty Harford (1981–1987; 1991) "The Honeymoon" Dynasty: The Reunion
Longtime Carrington cook Hilda Nielsen Gunnerson (usually referred to as "Mrs. Gunnerson") is close to the family, and according to a season two episode was hired by Alexis while she was still married to Blake. Mrs. Gunnerson is among the household staff abducted by Matthew Blaisdel along with the Carringtons in season eight.
Morgan Hess Hank Brandt (1982–1988) "Sammy Jo and Steven Marry" "Body Trouble"
Morgan Hess is a private detective primarily employed by Alexis Colby despite the fact that she absolutely loathes the loud Sportcoat he usually wears. Initially she uses Hess to "dig up dirt" on her rival Krystle Carrington, including the secret that Krystle is technically still married to her first husband, Mark Jennings. In season four it is revealed that Hess has been hired by Sammy Jo Carrington to fool Claudia Blaisdel Carrington into believing her deceased husband Matthew Blaisdel is still alive. Sammy Jo had hoped that unraveling Claudia's sanity would help Sammy Jo regain custody of her son Danny, who is being raised by his father Steven Carrington and Steven's wife Claudia.
Neal McVane Paul Burke (1982–1984; 1987; 1988) "Kirby" "The Scandal"
Blake Carrington seeks the help of Congressman Neal McVane in 1982, and Blake's ex-wife Alexis Colby tries to convince McVane not to. In 1983 McVane manages to help Blake stall the takeover of Denver-Carrington by ColbyCo that Alexis has orchestrated, and a furious Alexis leaks McVane's secrets to the press and ruins him. He threatens to kill her; soon after, someone nearly does, but the culprit is revealed to be Carrington majordomo Joseph Anders. Later, in 1984, McVane enlists the help of Krystle Carrington's first husband Mark Jennings to blackmail Alexis. When Mark is later pushed to his death from Alexis' penthouse balcony, she is arrested after her son Steven Carrington admits he saw her do it from a distance. In "Amanda" it is revealed that Mark was murdered by McVane, dressed in a wig and one of Alexis' gowns to frame her.

Out of prison, McVane returns in 1987 to blackmail Alexis' son Adam, with evidence that Adam is actually Michael Torrance and not a Carrington. A tormented Adam eventually comes clean to Blake and Alexis; they prove their love for him by refusing to look at his paternity test results, and they adopt him as Adam Carrington. Later in the 1988 episode "The Scandal" McVane leads Adam to the source of the story about Adam actually being Michael Torrance. Adam discovers that it was fabricated, and that he really is Blake and Alexis' son.

Jeanette Robbins Virginia Hawkins (1981–1989; 1991) "The Honeymoon" Dynasty: The Reunion
Longtime Carrington housekeeper Jeanette is a friend to Krystle from the beginning, and very close to the family. When Matthew Blaisdel abducts the household staff along with the Carringtons in season eight, Jeanette and butler Gerard admit their feelings for each other.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Nick later notes that his full name is "Amarigo Nicholas Francesco Toscanni."
  2. ^ As his will is read in "The Will" (1985), Tom's full name is noted as "Thomas Fitzsimmons Carrington."
  3. ^ The character of L.B. Colby also appeared on The Colbys during its run, portrayed by Ashley Mutrux (1985–1986) and Brandon Bluhm (1986–1987).
  4. ^ L.B. is named "Blake Carrington Colby" by Fallon, and later referred to as "Blake Jeffrey Colby" at Fallon's funeral.
  5. ^ The character of Lauren Colby originated on The Colbys but later crossed over to Dynasty.
  6. ^ During Blake's trial for Ted's death, his full name is noted as "Theodore Franklin Dinard."