Dzeliwe of Swaziland

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Ndlovukati of Swaziland
Reign 1982 - 1983
Coronation 1982
Predecessor Seneleleni Ndwandwe[1]
Successor Ntfombi Tfwala
King None
Queen Regent of Swaziland
Reign 1982 – 1983
Predecessor Sobhuza II As King
Successor Ntfombi Tfwala As Regent
Born 1927
Died 2003
Spouse King Sobhuza II (until his death, in 1982)
Issue Prince Khuzulwandle
House House of Dlamini

Inkhosikati LaShongwe (b. Dzeliwe Shongwe 1927 – 2003) was Queen Regent of Swaziland between 21 September 1982 and 9 August 1983. She was a wife of king Sobhuza II of Swaziland, and with him had one child, Prince Khuzulwandle Dlamini. After the death of her husband in August 1982, the Royal Congress named Dzeliwe as Queen Regent, and Prince Sozisa Dlamini as the "Authorized Person", or regent's advisor, until Prince Makhosetive, designated by the king as his successor, reached the age of eighteen. The Liqoqo supported her regency, but soon there were disagreements between her Prime Minister, Mabandla Dlamini, and other members of Congress led by Mfansibili Dlamini. These problems continued until March 1983, when Prince Mabandla was replaced by Prince Bhekimpi Dlamini. Queen Dzeliwe opposed this dismissal, and this led to her being replaced by the mother of Makhosetive, Ntfombi of Swaziland, as regent.

Prince Makhosetive was crowned on 25 April 1986 with the name of King Mswati III of Swaziland. In May, Mswati dissolved the Liqoqo, consolidating his power and reorganising the government. In May 1987, twelve people were accused of sedition and treason in relation to the overthrow of Queen Regent Dzeliwe in 1983. King Mswati created a special tribunal to judge these crimes against the King or the Queen Regent, in which the defendants did not have the right to legal representation. In March 1988, they were prosecuted by the tribunal, although they were set free in July. Between 1981 and 1985, Queen Dzeliwe maintained the post of Joint President of the National Congress.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sobhuza II of Swaziland
Queen Regent of Swaziland
Succeeded by
Ntfombi Tfwala