Dzelzava Manor

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Dzelzava Manor
Dzelzava mõis 2013.JPG
General information
Architectural style Baroque
Location Dzelzava parish, Madona municipality
Country Latvia
Completed 1767
Client Otto Johan von Transehe

Dzelzava Manor (Latvian: Dzelzavas muižas pils, German: Selsau) is a manor house in the historical region of Vidzeme, in northern Latvia. It was built in Baroque style and completed in 1767. Damaged by fire in 1905, it was fully restored to its original appearance in 1908 under the guidance of architect Vilhelms Bokslafs. The building currently houses the Dzelzava primary school.

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Coordinates: 57°00′01″N 26°26′01″E / 57.0003°N 26.4336°E / 57.0003; 26.4336