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Native name: Джарилгач
Dzharylgach 09.jpg
Dzharylhach is located in Kherson Oblast
Coordinates 46°01′N 32°54′E / 46.017°N 32.900°E / 46.017; 32.900Coordinates: 46°01′N 32°54′E / 46.017°N 32.900°E / 46.017; 32.900
Adjacent bodies of water Karkinit Bay, Dazharylhach Bay
Area 56 km2 (22 sq mi)
Length 42 km (26.1 mi)
Highest elevation 2 m (7 ft)
Oblast Kherson Oblast
Raion Skadovsk Raion
Population Uninhabited (2001)2001 Ukrainian Census

Dzharylhach (Cyrillic: Джарилгач, also spelled as Dzharylgach) is an island in Skadovsk Raion, Kherson Oblast near Crimea in Ukraine. Along with the Tendra island that lays to the west, in the past it was a spit that Greeks called "Achilles Run". To the west it stretches as a spit and as a shoal, which sometimes dries up, and connects to the continental portion of Kherson Oblast near the town of Lazurne.

Across from the island over the Dazharylhach Bay is the city of Skadovsk. Dzharylhach and its bay is part of the Dzharylhach National Nature Park.

Its area of 56 square km and length of 42 km make it the Black Sea's biggest island, located at the Karkinit Bay. The island has clean sandy beaches and mineral springs. In the middle of the island there is a fresh water spring, and more than four hundred small salty lakes are scattered all over its territory. The unique flora and fauna of Dzharylhach have been well preserved. It is a habitat for wild boars, deer, mouflon, as well as numerous seagulls and cormorant, hunting crabs, raps whelk and shrimp.