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Lermontovo village, about 5 km east of Dzhubga.

Coordinates: 44°18′N 38°42′E / 44.300°N 38.700°E / 44.300; 38.700 Dzhubga (Russian: Джýбга; Adyghe: Жьыбгъэ which means "Wind") is a seaside resort situated 57 km west of Tuapse in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Its estimated population as of 2008 is 5,295.

The township was established in 1864 on the site of a former Shapsug village as the Cossack stanitsa of Dzhubgskaya. It took its name from the Dzhubga River, which enters the Dzhubga Bay of the Black Sea.

Dzhubga is the starting point of the M27 highway. It is connected to the region's capital, Krasnodar, by a 108-kilometre-long (67 mi) highway that runs northward, passing through Adygeysk and Goryachy Klyuch. This proximity to a major city makes Dzhubga a popular holiday destination.

In June 2007, Eni and Gazprom disclosed the South Stream project whereby a 900-kilometre-long (560 mi) offshore natural gas pipeline with annual capacity of 31 cubic kilometers is planned to cross the Black Sea from Dzhubga to Varna, en route to Italy and Austria.