Dziękuję bardzo

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Dziękuję bardzo
Dziekuje Bardzo.jpg
Live album by Klaus Schulze
Released May 29, 2009
Recorded November 12–13, 2008 in Warsaw and Berlin
Genre Space music, Ambient music
Length 171:46
Label SPV/InsideOut/Revisited
Producer Klaus Schulze
Klaus Schulze chronology
Dziękuję bardzo
Big in Japan: Live in Tokyo 2010

Dziękuję bardzo is the thirty-ninth album by Klaus Schulze. It was originally released in 2009, and, taking in consideration the previously released multi-disc box sets (Silver Edition, Historic Edition, Jubilee Edition, Contemporary Works I, and Contemporary Works II), it could be viewed as Schulze's one hundredth album. This is the third Schulze album with guest vocalist Lisa Gerrard. It was recorded at two concerts in Warsaw, Poland, and Berlin, Germany. This album was released as a set of three CDs, as well as a separate DVD. The album title means "Thank you very much" in Polish.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Klaus Schulze. All lyrics by Lisa Gerrard.

Disc 1

No. Title Note Length
1. "Shoreless Two" Warsaw; on DVD 28:23
2. "Bazylika NSJ" Warsaw; vocals by Lisa Gerrard; on DVD 41:34

Disc 2

No. Title Note Length
1. "Godspell" Warsaw; vocals by Lisa Gerrard; on DVD 20:25
2. "Shoreless One" Berlin 33:14

Disc 3

No. Title Note Length
1. "Ocean of Innocence" Berlin; vocals by Lisa Gerrard 41:32
2. "Spanish Ballerina" Berlin; vocals by Lisa Gerrard; on DVD 6:38

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