Dzoraget River

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Canyon, Dzoraget.jpg
The Dzoraget River as seen from the bridge in Stepanavan
Country Armenia
Basin features
Main source Bazum Mountains, Lori, Armenia
2,200 m (7,200 ft)
River mouth Debed River Near Dzoragyukh
920 m (3,020 ft)
Basin size Debeda hydrological region

The Dzoraget (Armenian: Ձորագետ) is a river in the Debeda hydrological region in the Lori region in Northern Armenia. It originates in the Bazum Mountains and flows west to east through spectacular gorges around Stepanavan. It finally feeds into the Debed river near Dzoragyugh, which ultimately drains to the Kura river.

Dzoraget is a compound word in Armenian meaning Gorge-river and formed with the lexemes ձոր [dzɔɾ] ('gorge') and գետ [ɡetʰ] ('river') joined by the interfix ա [ɑ].

The gorge in certain places (e.g. at Kurtan) is over 200 meters in depth.


The Armenian Travel Bureau considers the Dzoraget River the only Armenian river suitable for rafting. The commonest rafting route begins at the Dzoraget bridge, near the town of Stepanavan. Rafting on the river is concentrated in the Dzoraget Canyon, which is in some places as deep as 300 meters.[1]

Towns and villages[edit]

Towns and villages along the river include: Stepanavan, Amrakits, Lori Berd, Agarak, Vardablur, Kurtan, Arevatsag, and Dzoragyukh.


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Coordinates: 40°57′25″N 44°37′57″E / 40.957°N 44.6325°E / 40.957; 44.6325