Dzoragyugh, Gegharkunik

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For the Armenian villages of the same name, see Dzoragyugh (disambiguation).
Dzoragyugh Ձորագյուղ is located in Armenia
Dzoragyugh Ձորագյուղ
Coordinates: 40°10′10″N 45°11′55″E / 40.16944°N 45.19861°E / 40.16944; 45.19861Coordinates: 40°10′10″N 45°11′55″E / 40.16944°N 45.19861°E / 40.16944; 45.19861
Country Armenia
Marz (Province) Gegharkunik
Reoccupied 1930
Elevation 2,003 m (6,572 ft)
Population (2008)
 • Total 3,878
Time zone UTC+4 (GMT+4)
Postal code 1412

Dzoragyugh (Armenian: Ձորագյուղ; also Romanized as Dzoragyukh; formerly, Vali Agalu; also recorded as Dvoragyukh) is a village in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia. There is a ruined church dating back to the 9th century as well as a hermitage also of the 9th century in the village.[1]

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