Dzungarian Alatau

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The Dzungarian Alatau (Russian: Джунгарский Алатау; Chinese: 阿拉套山; pinyin: Ālātào Shān; Kazakh: Жетісу Алатауы) is a mountain range that lies on the boundary of the Dzungaria region of China and the Zhetysu region of Kazakhstan. Length: c. 450 km; elevation: up to 4,464 m.

At the eastern end of the chain, near the China–Kazakhstan border, lies the Dzungarian Gate, a pass which for centuries was used as an invasion route by conquerors from Central Asia.

Coordinates: 45°00′00″N 80°00′00″E / 45.000000001°N 80.000000001°E / 45.000000001; 80.000000001