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Chateau Eđšeg
Dvorac Eđšeg
Дворац Еђшег
General information
Architectural style Eclecticism
Town or city Novi Sad
Country Serbia
Construction started 1889
Completed 1890 [1]
Design and construction
Architect Molnár György [2]

Eđšeg (Serbian Cyrillic: Еђшег; Hungarian: Egység; name is of Hungarian origin and means "Unity" in English or "Jedinstvo" (Јединство) in Serbian) is a chateau built in 1889, located in Novi Sad, Serbia. It was built to honor hundred year anniversary of the shooting sport club "Građansko streljačko društvo". After World War 2, it was nationalized, and for a while given for use to the shooting club "Jedinstvo" (Јединство) for which the chateau was named. Afterwards it was used by many others, but has soon after lost its use. [3]

The chateau was renovated in 2012, after being in ruin for decades.[4]


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