Ełk Lake

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Ełk Lake
Ełk i Ełk 004.jpg
Ełk Lake with the town of Ełk in the background
LocationMasurian Lake District
Coordinates53°48′24″N 22°20′58″E / 53.80667°N 22.34944°E / 53.80667; 22.34944Coordinates: 53°48′24″N 22°20′58″E / 53.80667°N 22.34944°E / 53.80667; 22.34944
Basin countriesPoland

Ełk Lake (Polish: Jezioro Ełckie, German: Lycker See; Lithuanian: Luko ežeras) is a fresh water lake in the Masurian Lake District of Poland's Warmia-Mazury Province adjacent to the town of Ełk.

The lake that was created by glacial action during the Pleistocene ice age and has a surface area is 3.82 square kilometres. Its average depth is 15m with 58.2m as a maximum. It is divided into two distinct parts, the northern ("small") and southern ("large"), by a narrows spanned by a bridge. Primarily fed by the Ełk River from the south west the lake discharges into Lake Sunowo at the north-west, and Lake Szarek at the south west.