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E♭ (musical note)

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E (E-flat) or mi bémol is the fourth semitone of the solfège.

It lies a diatonic semitone above D and a chromatic semitone below E, thus being enharmonic to D (D-sharp) or re dièse. In equal temperament it is also enharmonic with Fdouble flat (F-double flat). However, in some temperaments, D is not the same as E. E is a perfect fourth above B, whereas D is a major third above B.

When calculated in equal temperament with a reference of A above middle C as 440 Hz, the frequency of the E above middle C (or E4) is approximately 311.127 Hz.[1] See pitch (music) for a discussion of historical variations in frequency.

In German nomenclature, it is known as Es, sometimes (especially in the context of musical motifs, e.g. DSCH motif) abbreviated to S.

Designation by octave[edit]

Scientific designation Helmholtz designation Octave name Frequency (Hz)
E−1 E͵͵͵ or ͵͵͵E or EEEE Subsubcontra 9.723
E0 E͵͵ or ͵͵E or EEE Subcontra 19.445
E1 E͵ or ͵E or EE Contra 38.891
E2 E Great 77.782
E3 e Small 155.563
E4 e One-lined 311.127
E5 e Two-lined 622.254
E6 e Three-lined 1244.508
E7 e Four-lined 2489.016
E8 e Five-lined 4978.032
E9 e Six-lined 9956.063
E10 e Seven-lined 19912.127


Common scales beginning on E[edit]

  • E major: E F G A B C D E
  • E natural minor: E F G A B C D E
  • E harmonic minor: E F G A B C D E
  • E melodic minor ascending: E F G A B C D E
  • E melodic minor descending: E D C B A G F E

Diatonic scales[edit]

  • E Ionian: E F G A B C D E
  • E Dorian: E F G A B C D E
  • E Phrygian: E F G A B C D E
  • E Lydian: E F G A B C D E
  • E Mixolydian: E F G A B C D E
  • E Aeolian: E F G A B C D E
  • E Locrian: E F G A Bdouble flat C D E

Jazz melodic minor[edit]

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