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  • E-Tribe
  • 이트라이브
OriginSeoul, South Korea
Genrespop, Bubblegum pop, Tempo
Occupation(s)Producing, arranger, singer
Instrumentskeyboards, synthesizers, Sequencer, sampler
Years active2006-present
LabelsHappy Face Entertainment
MembersAhn Myung-won
Kim Young-deuk

E-Tribe (Hangul: 이트라이브) is a South Korean record production duo consisting of Ahn Myung-won and Kim Young-deuk. They are most known for producing “Gee” by Girls' Generation, “U-Go-Girl” by Lee Hyo-ri, “Yayaya” by T-ara, “It's You” by Super Junior, and “I Know” by Se7en. Due to the consistent success of these singles, the duo has become well accepted and known in the South Korean music scene.[1]

In January 2011, E-Tribe debuted their own girl group, Dal Shabet. Their debut song, "Supa Dupa Diva", was released on January 3, 2011. The duo has also produced a number of their comeback tracks, including "Pink Rocket", "Bling Bling", "Hit U" and "Mr. Bang Bang". In May 2011, it was announced that E-Tribe's label, 'Happy Face Entertainment', would be merged with 'Y-WHO Enterprise'.[2] In 2014, Y-WHO Enterprise changed their name to 'The Vibe Entertainment'.[3]


Ahn Myung-won[edit]

Kim Young-deuk[edit]


Below is a list of works produced and composed by E-Tribe in chronological order. Listed by year and date [MM/DD].[6][7]


  • [02/01] "Slave" (노예) for Lee Hyori
  • [03/08] "I Know" (난 알아요) for Se7en



  • [03/12] "Let's Get It Party" for Gummy
  • [04/08] "4th Hitter" (4번타자) for Honey Boys
  • [07/01] "Kiss Me (Feat. Ymga)" for Uhm Jung-hwa
  • [07/14] "U-Go-Girl" for Lee Hyo-ri
  • [07/14] "P. P. P (Punky Punky Party) (With Nassun)" for Lee Hyo-ri
  • [10/01] "It's Okay" (괜찮아) for Nassun
  • [10/01] "S.W.E.E.T (Feat. Leo Kekoa)" for Nassun
  • [10/01] "After Party (Feat. Sugar Flow)" for Nassun
  • [11/27] "Yodel" for KARA



  • [01/28] "Star Star Star" (별별별) for Girls' Generation
  • [01/28] "Be Happy" for Girls' Generation
  • [03/22] "Star Star Star (Acoustic R&B ver)" (별별별) for Girls' Generation
  • [04/16] "Outlaw in the Wild" (황야의 무법자) for Hyuna of 4minute & Nassun
  • [04/30] "World Cup Chant" for "The Brotherhood"
  • [06/08] "My Luv" for XCROSS
  • [07/20] "Whale" (고래) for Nicole Jung of Kara & Park Myeong-su
  • [08/26] "U" for 4MEN
  • [09/03] "O-IWI-O" for Nassun & MBLAQ's G.O. O-IWI-O is a response to Gee[8]
  • [10/11] "Blue Moon (Feat. Nassun)" for Sun Woo
  • [10/21] "Eyes Nose Mouth (Feat. 4MEN)" (눈코입) for Sun Woo
  • [12/02] "Yayaya" for T-ara
  • [12/22] "What Are You Doing (4MEN. MIII)" (뭐하) for YWHO家




  • [02/21] "One Hour Two Hours" (한 시간 두 시간) for MIII
  • [08/20] "Why not" for History
  • [11/06] “Hush” for miss A
  • [11/06] "Hush (Party Ver.)" for miss A


  • [05/21] "Slow down" for History
  • [07/31] "Pinocchio" for Insooni
  • [11/02] "Cry & Blow" (울고 분다) for Joo (singer)


  • [06/17] "Hustle" for Park Ki Ryang
  • [06/17] "Lucky Charm" for Park Ki Ryang
  • [06/17] "Scar" (흠집) for Park Ki Ryang



  • [05/30] "love4eva (feat. Grimes)" for Loona sub-unit yyxy

Happy Face Entertainment[edit]


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