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Emart Inc.[1]
Traded asKRX: 139480
ISINKR7139480008 Edit this on Wikidata
FoundedMay 3, 2011; 9 years ago (2011-05-03)
Number of locations
178 in South Korea,[2] 15 in China,[3] 3 in Mongolia,[4] 1 in Vietnam
Area served
South Korea, China, Mongolia, Vietnam
ProductsGroceries, consumer goods,
OwnerLee Myung-Hee
E-mart store in Bucheon, Korea

e-mart (Korean이마트) is the largest retailer in South Korea. There were 160 stores across the country as of December 2016. It was founded on 12 November 1993 by Shinsegae as the first discount retailer in South Korea.[5]

E-Mart is the oldest and largest discount store chain in Korea with total sales volume exceeding US$9.4 billion in 2009. With new store openings and acquisition of Wal-Mart Korea in 2006, E-Mart is enjoying its retail leadership in the discount store market.[6] E-mart offers everything from food to clothes to diapers, and provides a very large variety of merchandise. E-mart has a website, where products can be bought or viewed online.[7]

E-Mart is the first Korean retailer to advance into China with the aim to become one of top leading global retailers. In January 2011, there were 27 stores in China.[8] By February 2014, China's store count shrunk to 13 stores.[9]


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