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E-mu Drumulator was the sample-based drum-machine by E-mu Systems. It was introduced in 1983 at a price of US$995. The Drumulator was E-mu's attempt at creating a rhythm machine like the Linn LM-1 that was better and cheaper. It was used a lot in early 1980s in synthpop and Italo-disco productions. In 1984, Digidrums released special EPROMs for Drumulator, which included the Rock Drums set that was used on Tears for Fears' hit "Shout".

Notable users[edit]

Artist Album Songs Year
Keith LeBlanc "Malcolm X: No Sell Out" 1983
Bad Boys Blue "Hot Girls, Bad Boys" 1985
Big Black Songs About Fucking 1987
Carol Jiani "Touch and Go Lover" 1984
Cocteau Twins Head over Heels, Sunburst and Snowblind, Treasure [1] 1983, 1984
Depeche Mode Construction Time Again, Music for the Masses "Everything Counts", "Love, in Itself", "Never Let Me Down Again" 1983, 1987
Front 242
Fun Fun "Color My Love" 1984
Howard Jones "Human's Lib" 1984
Cocteau Twins "My Love Paramour" 1983
Jean Michel Jarre
Kenny Loggins OST Footloose "Footloose" 1984
Lou Reed OST White Nights "My Love is Chemical" 1985
Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait" 1986
Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me "Somebody's Watching Me" 1984
Tears for Fears Songs from the Big Chair "Shout" 1985
Valerie Dore "The Night", "Get Closer" 1983


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