E.J. Beardmore Dam

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Beardmore Dam
Location 17 km (11 mi) North East of St George, Queensland
Coordinates 27°54′22″S 148°38′42″E / 27.9062°S 148.645°E / -27.9062; 148.645Coordinates: 27°54′22″S 148°38′42″E / 27.9062°S 148.645°E / -27.9062; 148.645
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Balonne River, Maranoa River
Primary outflows Balonne River
Basin countries Australia
Surface area 2,850 ha (7,000 acres)
Max. depth 12.1 m (40 ft)
Water volume 81,700 ML (2,890×10^6 cu ft)[1]
Surface elevation 207.1 m (679 ft)
References [1]

Situated 17 km north-east of St George lies E.J. Beardmore Dam (Lake Kajarabie). Constructed in 1972 for irrigation & town water the Beardmore Dam holds 81,800 ML of water at 100% capacity at an average depth of 2.4 metres and has a surface area of 3,350 ha. The Beardmore Dam & the lake it created (Kajarabie) impound water for some 75 km along the Balonne River and almost 20 km along the Maranoa River.

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