E.J. Beardmore Dam

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Beardmore Dam
The Beardmore Dam viewed from below the dam wall
E.J. Beardmore Dam is located in Queensland
E.J. Beardmore Dam
Location of the Beardmore Dam
in Queensland
Official name E. J. Beardmore Dam
Country Australia
Location South West Queensland
Coordinates 27°54′22″S 148°38′42″E / 27.90611°S 148.64500°E / -27.90611; 148.64500Coordinates: 27°54′22″S 148°38′42″E / 27.90611°S 148.64500°E / -27.90611; 148.64500
Purpose Irrigation; water supply
Status Operational
Opening date 1972
Operator(s) Sunwater
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment dam
Impounds Balonne River
Height 15.2 m (50 ft)
Length 2,591 m (8,501 ft)
Dam volume 115×10^3 m3 (4.1×10^6 cu ft)
Spillways One
Spillway type Uncontrolled
Spillway capacity 5,550 m3/s (196,000 cu ft/s)
Creates Lake Kajarabie
Total capacity 81,700 ML (18.0×10^9 imp gal; 21.6×10^9 US gal)[1]
Catchment area 71,560 km2 (27,630 sq mi)
Surface area 2,850 ha (7,000 acres)
Maximum water depth 12.1 m (40 ft)
Normal elevation 207.1 m (679 ft)

The E.J. Beardmore Dam, an earth-fill embankment dam with a concrete gravity wall across the Balonne River, is located in South West Queensland, Australia. The main purpose of the dam is for irrigation. The resultant reservoir is called Lake Kajarabie.

Location and features[edit]

Located 17 kilometres (11 mi) north-east of St George, the dam wall was constructed in 1972.

The dam wall is 15.2 metres (50 ft) high and 2,591 metres (8,501 ft) long and holds back 81,700 megalitres (18.0×10^9 imp gal; 21.6×10^9 US gal) of water when at full capacity. The surface area of the reservoir is 2,850 hectares (7,000 acres) and the catchment area is 71,560 square kilometres (27,630 sq mi). The uncontrolled spillway has a discharge capacity of 5,550 cubic metres per second (196,000 cu ft/s).[2] Lake Kajarabie has an average depth of 2.4 metres (7 ft 10 in) and, when full, impounded water can back up some 75 kilometres (47 mi) along the Balonne River and almost 20 kilometres (12 mi) along the Maranoa River.

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